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Lased XY Table - Version 1.0 | by Quasimondo
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Lased XY Table - Version 1.0

This is my first attempt at building a XY table. The goals here are to use as little bought parts as possible (so I can start building and do not have to wait for delivery) and to keep the costs down. Which means that there are surely ways to make it smaller or more precise, but that usually involves using metal axes or gear belts.


This one uses two very cheap steppers (can't say no to €0,95 per piece) that unfortunately have only 48 steps per revolution which makes it necessary to use a gear box to get a higher resolution. So for now I am getting ~3 steps per mm which is about 75 dpi. There is of course a tradeoff between getting a higher resolution and the maximum speed I can move the table, so for my purposes 75 dpi are okay.


For the gears I was lazy and used the ones we had lying around in the Fablab - I could lase those as well.


The base is currently moving on two tracks with steel balls but I will change that to ball bearings like the ones I am using for the top sled (I just ran out of bearings).


The steppers are controlled with an Arduino via two ULN 2003 Darlington arrays.


So the costs for this one are currently something like

Wood (3mm HDF): ~€5,00

2 Steppers: €1,90

Gears: ~€3,00

Electronic parts (w/o Arduino): €3,00

4 Ball bearings: €3,00

Steel balls: ~€2,00

Screws, Bolts, Axes: ~€1,00


So for around €20,- I think it's not too shabby.

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Taken on January 5, 2012