Festa do Outono - Serralves 2016
A very rare show of the whole wool process in Portugal. Organized by @Saber Fazer, with the very special investigator Alice Bernardo and a lot of wool enthusiasts as Ègle Bazaraite, Ana Rita de Albuquerque, Tita Costa, and the star guests: Bordaleira de Entre Douro e Minho, the sheep breed from the region that gives its name. Nowadays in high risk of extinction, due too low economical interest, other than the wool. A more than logical reason to justify the existence of a project like this, and the need to show people how precious this patrimony is.
The activities were all centered around the wool and its various stages of process, one could see the sheep and hear about their story as a breed, then observe and touch the several examples of the portuguese existing ones. After that, the tour would go on explaining the sheering benefits either for sheep, as well as for the wool quality too. Having passed the cleaning, combing and drafting part, one could try out the spindle or even the wheel for spinning, or felting and "sculpting" the wool. A small approach to dyeing with natural colours and some weaving, were also features of the show.
Every Autumn, Serralves (Porto, Portugal) hosts this special event, and invites all people form all ages and interests to participate, don't miss!
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