Uplinq 2012
Register now for Uplinq® 2012, the only mobile developers conference that offers technical education and vital business connections across multiple leading platforms. Android. Windows® Phone. Windows 8. HTML5. Brew®. Uplinq 2012 is for developers writing for multiple OSes who need a cross-platform view of how to exploit the complete hardware-software system in today’s leading mobile devices to produce the most compelling user experiences.

Make the connections vital to your business success. Uplinq is a great place to network and connect – from one-on-one meetings with operators and device manufacturers to multiple hospitality events where you can mingle and make your own connections.

Learn what’s coming next. Uplinq is the one annual mobile conference that gives you a direct view into the latest innovations from Qualcomm and its partners across multiple OSes and device categories. So you can plan your business and get early insight into capabilities you’ll be able to incorporate into future products.

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