Keith Haring

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    On His Own Terms

    (I have missed my Flickr friends - it seems I have been away for so long... This March, my beloved grandfather passed away, and since then no time has felt right for me to return to Flickr.

    And then, yesterday, I read that it was Keith Haring's birthday - he would have been 54 had he not died of AIDS at age 31 in 1990. I knew that, to commemorate his birthday, it was the right time for me to begin posting a new series of mosaics I call, "Artists On Their Own Terms".)

    Happy Birthday, Keith Haring...

    1. Tony DeVarco 34 months ago | reply

      Well done! I was living in NYC when he was creating images in the subway stations. A true talent and he is missed.

    2. qthomasbower 34 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Tony! He was a great talent and his loss is indeed tragic....

    3. Julka2009...(mostly off) 34 months ago | reply

      Beautiful and creative art work; a wonderful tribute :-D
      Welcome back !!

    4. qthomasbower 34 months ago | reply

      Julka2009 - Thank you so much! I was very sad while I was gone; it is good to be back. I'm so glad you like the portrait! Thank you for all the invites!!!

    5. Pifou 2010 - 34 months ago | reply

      Wonderful Tribute !!!

      Welcome to Vivid Imagination!
      Please add your Artwork to
      Vivid Imagination!
      Tag your photo VividImagination and read the group rules

    6. Village9991 34 months ago | reply

      An automosaic portrait!!! Great idea!! Cool!

    7. qthomasbower 34 months ago | reply

      pifou2010 - Thank you so much for comment and all the invites! I'm going to start adding Keith to the groups today!

      Thank you guys! Glad you like it. More to come!

    8. gailpiland 34 months ago | reply

      Welcome back............this is an excellent way to return with inspiration for yourself and others!
      Sorry for your lose and for Keith. Life is a cycle and we move forward.
      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    9. Les AnnaChromes 34 months ago | reply

      Greatly done ...happy to see you back although the circumstances are sad.

    10. ms.lizzz 34 months ago | reply

      I'm sorry for your loss. You must have had a special relationship with your grandfather.
      This Keith Haring piece is beautifully done, in that the colors are subtle, and not harsh, and the whole image is made up of his signature style of lines and shapes. Very nice!

    11. dr. motte 12 months ago | reply

      nicely done :-D

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