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    The Interesting Qs

    A highly processed compression and diffusion of the most interesting letters Q,
    as decreed by flickr, Sunday, April 5th, 2009.

    Check out my latest compression and diffusion at:

    Six Blue Circles


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    1. ladigue_99 (away for two weeks) 60 months ago | reply

      your work seen in flickriver is very impressive!!!!!!!!!!

    2. VÍRNU 60 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called
      "CREATIVOS AFICIONADOS" (Pos 1, Awar 2)
      , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      This wonderful art seen on

      Visual Mashups!

    3. VÍRNU 60 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called
      PLASMANDO SUEÑOS - (Pos 1, Awar 3)
      , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    4. qthomasbower 59 months ago | reply

      This image appears in "Two of Arts - a celebration of the two month anniversary of the Visual Mashups Group, and the addition of our 2000th image.

      Two of Arts
      2000 Visual Mashups

      I created this image to celebrate all of the great artists of Visual Mashups Group. Can you find your contributions in this image?

    5. Ven16(my camera is a social weapon) 59 months ago | reply

      Hi Thomas. Just a thought about our little current competition, and in no way whatsoever plugging my own image which you kindly posted for me. A mashup, IMHO, should be 'recognisably a mashup', rather than a creation which although originating from a photo, or several photos, has the appearance of a non-photo image, e.g. fractal-looking or pure digital art.
      Now, your own image. It's beautiful, looks like a mashup base with a lovely texture overlay. I have no doubt that people would buy prints of it! I don't 'do' award comments myself, but I might be tempted to return and award one! Will the Trailr thing under this comment be adequate?

      Seen in a discussion of the group "Visual Mashups ( The First 2500 are IN! Which stood OUT? )" (?²ˣ)

    6. qthomasbower 59 months ago | reply

      Hey Ven16,

      Let me see. First I want you to be sure to know that my image in this thread is just an example! I'm automatically disqualifying myself because I get to give so many of the comments.

      Secondly, I like that you are thinking about what it means to be a mash up! Read the group description again for some more thoughts, and there's an email I wrote that I'll post next to let you know my position, which definitelyt leans to the inclusive rather than exclusive! I have good reasons for including digital art and fractals along with photocollages, but the pointis open to debate.

      One thing, however. I do think you misunderstand the example image3 I included.. Yes, I worked very hard to make it look like a base in some photos with a painterly texture overlay, but that isn't at all the process I use

      In this case, the image is a selection of photos (photos of the letter Q, in particuklar, the ones ranked most interesting by flickr) which I then carefuly positioned and superimposed. Through very careful photocollaging I got that effect. That image, in my opinition, is in EVERY way a mashup. Literally. more mashed than a montage, collage, or mosaic.

      In fact, back then i wasn't even using texture overlays. In fact, I never have. Through careful selection of superimposed images, often with a few from the visual mashup pool thrown in for their uniquie effect, I have achieved the textural overlay and painterly effects. Buti in the end, these are blends, pure and simple!

      Now back to the main question: how far to stretch the definition. Let me find that email....


    7. qthomasbower 59 months ago | reply

      Here it is, Ven16, in resoponse to a fractal artist's questioning why I had invited his purely fractal art into the Visual Mashuyps pool:

      Well, you do make a good point, but I've tried hard to create a group that takes an inclusive stance to the concept of visual mashup. At the basic level, true, a mashup is a composite of different, disparate, even derivative source works combined to form a new work of art.

      But by focusing on the "combining" aspect (rather than the range of the source materials), we have expanded the notion of a visual mashup. For example, any reflexive work, be it a self portrait, mirror work, pictures of reflections, or even word art that comments on the work itself, is a good candidate as a visual mashup. By its nature, a reflection combines two elements to form one image.

      Recursive works, then, like fractals, are just reflexive works on steroids! A classic example is the picture of two mirrors pointing towards one another. How many images combine to make that final photo? Well, fractals are (of course) no different. In fact, in some ways they are cooler. Combining smaller versions of the whole image to create the whole image. What an ultimately complex composite!

      And as the group has grown, many other great forms of art have come to be associated with visual mashups: altered art, mosaics, collages, assemblages, even QUILTING! have all produced beautiful and complex artworks that somehow get their visual quality by combining, sometimes even mashing up, one, two, more, many, or infinite numbers of other images, be they disparate or identical, different media, or just different pixels.

      I hope this explanation makes sense, and that you find it thought provoking. I'd love to hear your reaction, and look forward to you joining our group!

      - Qthomas

    8. qthomasbower 59 months ago | reply

      And one final thought, Ven16.

      Take a look at my recent work "Boy in a Frame" This is a blend, using my superimposing technique, of a num ber of photos i took of a friend sitting up in the fetal position with an antique frame in front of him. I kep the chosen pictures and sizes tight, so the result would be recognizable.

      I felt it was too recognizable, and twisted an earlier piece of mine, "Heart of Dark Cofffee" into position and superimposed it on top, giving the piece a surreal, gothic look.

      Now, mind you, Heart of Dark Coffee is a random abstract digital photo collage of fractal work of mine, and work tagged fractal from flickr and across the web.

      So, this piece is a collection of fractals and works tagged fractal, collaged into an abstract composite of these images, superimposed on a special blend of a number of sequential digital photos I took of a friend in the fetal position, but in a living assemblage with an antique frame in my rather midieval digital photo shooting room!

      Please tell me that qualifies as a mashup even under a more restyrictive definition!!!




    9. qthomasbower 59 months ago | reply

      Sorry ! One last thing. Yes, I LOVE the trailer line you included with your first comment. How do you do that?

    10. Ven16(my camera is a social weapon) 59 months ago | reply

      Hi QTB. Thanks Thomas for the replies, lots to read and think about.

      Thomas and anyone: Install Mozilla Firefox, it's far superior to Internet Explorer. Then Google something like 'Flickr Greasemonkey' and install it — only a tiny program, many options which I haven't explored yet! A little Monkey face icon will then sit on your menu bar, wherever you have it (on my screen its at the bottom right.) Right-clicking on the icon reveals some of the options, please investigate further because there's scripts and possibly addons which make it quite powerful.

      It's possible you could use it, with a suitable script, for group awards! As before, investigate.

      Used in a simple way: it automatically places underneath your comment on a photo where you are viewing it from BUT you can click on 'Remove' (the Trailr source, not the prog) if you wish the source to remain anonymous.

      On this particular comment, it'll place the words 'Seen on your photostream', because I'm replying from the Around You facility which links to photostreams.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?²ˣ)

    11. Ven16(my camera is a social weapon) 59 months ago | reply

      **Just testing** to see what the awards or Invite dropdown lists do, I know it won't count in the voting. No awards, but you see what's underneath. When I went to 'edit', it's clear it's a Trailr section of Greasemonkey, viz. "Commented by using Trailr"

      I think Mosaic Art Source group would suit your photo very well. I suggest you to take a look at that group.

    12. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > 58 months ago | reply

      This would be great on Circle Mania!

    13. Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = > 58 months ago | reply

      Yahoo! Catchcha!

      This image deserves a Circle Mania Award

      From a fan of Circle Mania

    14. Kerkira 58 months ago | reply

      Beautiful warm colours!

    15. takemetoklinghovillage 50 months ago | reply

      TRUTH: Q is my favorite letter.

    16. radiotest2002 49 months ago | reply

      Indeed interesting! I like the colors!

    17. monophysite57-zzz 40 months ago | reply

      you have an amazing mastery of colors. Superb picture, full of subtleties.

    18. Run_The_Park 31 months ago | reply

      wow great image.. beautiful colours

    19. Kendal Hanna 4 weeks ago | reply

      So beautiful.

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