• He looks emasculated - goodgod82
  • He was trying to look coy, heh. Coyness doesn't suit a lumberjack, I guess.

"Nimmie? I pine for you. If you cleft me, I would balsam. Wood you tie the knot with me?" "Nick, QUIT IT."

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Did I mention that I made a custom Nimmie Amee doll as well? 'Cause I totally did. NIMMIE IS MY FRICKING HEROINE.

(Yeah, I need Captain Fyter and Chopfyt dolls too. Think of the DRAMA!!)

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  1. raining rita 110 months ago | reply

    yay for all your clever customizing...it is a mystery to me and needs to remain a mystery.

  2. Q. Q. Kachoo 110 months ago | reply

    This was pretty simple, all I did was swap some heads onto different bodies (I could make you a tutorial if you want to know how to do it!)...someday I want to alter Nimmie's facial paint a little (her purple glittery eyeshadow isn't in character for a simple Munchkin girl), but I'm not good enough at repainting to risk it now. ;^)

  3. sHaY110 (Toy story) 93 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Toys collections ALL OVER THE WORLD!, and we'd love to have ALL YOUR TOY's PICS added to the group!


  4. adirotynd 65 months ago | reply

    Well then I have just discovered this set and 1) YOU WANT TO DO AN ENTIRE 12" LINE I'M CRYING YOU ARE A PERFECT HUMAN, and 2) Nimmie Amee with puns I can't even process how freaking perfect this is.

  5. Q. Q. Kachoo 65 months ago | reply

    www.flickr.com/photos/adi-rotynd] Hehehehe! MY MAKING OZ DOLLS MAY WELL BE THE REASON I WAS BORN. It'll take bloody forever, but it'll be SO worth it. I'm halfway through Jack Pumpkinhead, I've got the bait doll for Captain Fyter (tin version) and sketches/plans for him all drawn up, and I know what dolls to buy to be Woot the Wanderer and Dorothy, so I guess they'll come after Fyter (who I decided has the first name Archibald BECAUSE BAUM NEVER SAID SO THAT MEANS I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT). As for the puns, some of them were supplied by a friend of mine who also loves Oz/puns, so they're not entirely my own idea, but it cracks me up regardless. AND NIMMIE AMEE IS AMAZING, THE END.

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