• Sadly, he didn't notice the "Do not place in dryer" tag until it was too late..... - ThorThePowerful
  • Now THAT'S a cool belt buckle. - ThorThePowerful
  • "Mmm. Coffee."
  • Damn, she's hot
  • Loves coffee. Hates when he gets some in his soul patch.

    Hmmm.... that doesn't sound very good....... - ThorThePowerful

The Coffee-Serving Security Guard

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A longtime regular at Bon's Off Broadway, the Security Guard Guy would serve fellow customers coffee and strike up cheerful conversation.

  1. doviende ages ago | reply

    "Heyyyyyy! buddy!"

  2. Qole Pejorian 102 months ago | reply

    Ok, I'll forgive you... again.

  3. micahtillman 68 months ago | reply

    This is a fantastic picture! I'm using it (with proper attribution/link!) for a university podcast on the nature of mind. (Coffee as mind-altering substance. . . .) :-) Thanks!

  4. kevinduke929 5 months ago | reply

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