Mystery Inscription in Koenigsberg

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    This mysterious inscription is found on the arch of the Unfinder Tor in Königsberg in Bayern. At first I thought it must be a strangely written version of the tower's building date, but the tower has a plaque and none of the dates associated with the tower have two identical numbers in the middle like this inscription. And what's with the strange double cross with the left hook?

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    1. ThorThePowerful 106 months ago | reply

      "If you can read this at eye level and are planning to cross under the arch...... duck"

    2. Qole Pejorian 106 months ago | reply

      If it said all that... Wow. That would be some serious shorthand.

    3. nivéK woods 106 months ago | reply

      Runic alphabet?

    4. Qole Pejorian 106 months ago | reply

      A friend put me onto this idea... The mysterious "rune" at the bottom looks a lot like a "mason's mark".

      Here is a page of examples. Note marks 52 and 54, and 71-73, especially 72. Awfully similar. The fact that this mark was obviously added after the arch was built suggests that it is the mark of a freemason, not the mason who cut the stone.

    5. Panos_ [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

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    6. evissa 87 months ago | reply

      The date could be 1552 which is the date that Johannes Marcellus poet and philologist, died.

    7. Qole Pejorian 86 months ago | reply

      That's it! Johannes Marcellus, also known as Regiomontanus (not to be confused with the astronomer from the same town, Johannes Müller, who also went by that name), lived in Koeningsberg. The date of his death is indeed 1552. He died young, only 42 years old. Was he also a freemason? Could that be his symbol?

      Wikipedia article

      Really interesting: a text in Latin about Johann Marcellus ("Professor; Philosoph; Jurist; Mediziner; Literaturwissenschaftler") by Adam Melchior (1615). Can anyone read latin?

      Not much information about this guy...

    8. renzodionigi 71 months ago | reply

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    9. FlickrReadr 61 months ago | reply

      The symbol at the bottom looks like a coptic cross or, with that extra tick mark on the bottom left, a symbolic variant of the coptic cross.

      My first impression before I read any of the comments was that it was a date followed by a cross, possibly denoting a date of death with the cross meaning something like "rest in peace".

      I can't tell from the picture how big the stonework is around the inscription, but it wasn't uncommon for people to be entombed inside the walls and floors of churches.

    10. Mattheous [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      At first glance the cross looks like a Russian Orthodox, but it may indeed be his York Rite mark. I haven't done that part of Masonry yet, but there is a tradition of having your own 'mark'.

      While I can, indeed, read Latin, I can't read the typeface on the link. :( Mattheous gemit, "O! Mea miseram!" (Mattheous groans, "Oh! miserable me!").

    11. j. kunst 56 months ago | reply

      The year is definitely 1552. Apart from the curious shape of the 5s nothing mysterious about that. The sign below is a house mark, a common symbol used by families (esp. in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Germany) to mark their property, grave stones, etc.

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