Take the turbocharged Subaru WRX engine and wrap a motorcycle around it. The frame is composed of one inch aluminum plates, sandwiching the engine and transmission, similar to the Bimota Tesi. The bodywork is all polished aircraft riveted aluminum, styled after a WWII fighter plane. Steering is a combination of bell cranks with push/pull rods like the Bimota Tesi, and cables like on Stellan Egeland's Harrier bike. The extensive use of carbon fiber, and aluminum help bring the estimated weight to below 550 pounds.

A few specs:

Engine: Subaru WRX
Turbo: IHI
Wheels: 5Ziggen ProRacer
Wheelbase: 56.5"
Rake: adjustable
Trail: adjustable
Steering lock to lock: 40°
Right angle gearbox: Mitsubishi awd car
Transmission: Baker Torquebox RSD
Belt drive: BDL 3"
Front hub: rear hub, GM car
Rear axle: modified Datsun stub axle
Rear shock: aftermarket Buell type pull shock

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