northern goshawk 2 (female?)

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    A powerful raptor of northern forests, the Northern Goshawk is the largest North American accipiter. It maneuvers through dense woods, taking prey as small as squirrels and as large as grouse, crows, and snowshoe hare.

    Cool Facts
    * The Northern Goshawk is well known for its fierce defense of its nest. It commonly attacks people and other animals that approach the nest too closely.

    * The Northern Goshawk can be very persistent in pursuing prey. One goshawk was seen pursuing a snowshoe hare for 45 to 60 minutes along a hedgerow until finally the hare ran into a clearing and was seized. A goshawk may also chase poultry into buildings.

    Northern Goshawk - All About Birds

    Note: Geotag indicates location of park entrance.

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    1. Jamuudsen 86 months ago | reply

      Damn, I wish I'd had time to get to the spit today. I haven't seen one of these since I was a kid. They can sure make a mess of a flock of blue jays.

    2. qmnonic 86 months ago | reply

      it was a great day at the spit - fresh snow, and a nice warm pair of sorels. ;)

    3. Cornell Lab of Ornithology 83 months ago | reply

      This photo appears on All About Birds, a free online bird guide from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Thank you for Birdsharing, and for helping people learn about birds.

    4. Cotingas 3 weeks ago | reply

      Hey Matt,

      Jon Ruddy has prepared a Photo Quiz for the OFO News and I believe has your permission to use your photo of this Goshawk as the challenge. In order to reproduce it for the Newsletter we require a full size file. If you have one and are OK with this can you please send it to me at My name is Garth Riley and I am the newly appointed editor of the OFO News. You will be given credit for the photo in the newsletter.

      Please let me know either way.

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