33...pretty maids all in a row

today we picked up a bed set for sarah from a guy off craigslist. tomás was convinced he was a serial killer, so i googled his cell number and discovered he's a ut employee, too. i sent all his info to mom just in case. ;)


it's nothing super fancy, but it was a deal at $100: full size box spring, mattress, frame, headboard, footboard. i vaccuumed it (that was a first), sprayed it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide & baking soda, will vaccuum again once dry, hit it with lysol, then encase it in a zip-up cover. that should sufficiently put a barrier between sarah and any cooties.


now i can add helping haul a mattress up a flight of stairs as one of my worst experiences ever.


6/23/12, 15:32


title: "pretty maids all in a row," the eagles

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Uploaded on June 23, 2012