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24...pills, pills, pills

in my head that's to the tune of "girls, girls, girls" by mötley crüe, which is now stuck there.


so far i'm not having that terrible rash of a reaction to the name brand thyroid pills like i did the generic. i've been taking them two weeks to the day, so that means starting tomorrow it's time to double the dose. i'm scared because taking 50mcg before gave me heart palpitations. i've been having minor, isolated chest pain on 25mcg, nothing i felt was too bad since it wasn't consistent.


i found out yesterday that one of my coworkers had his thyroid removed due to cancer years ago. i was talking to him about the chest pains, and he said it took him and his doctors a year to figure out his proper dose. it's all a guessing game, which i don't like, especially when this will directly affect the health of my hypothetical children.


i go back to the lab on july 27, if i recall correctly, to test my hormone level. that is, if i can get through six weeks of a higher dose.


on a related note, i suppose it's time to pull out the progesterone and induce a menstrual cycle. it's been two months without one, and we don't want to get endometrial cancer! ಠ_ಠ


6/14/12 17:52


8/2/12: UPDATE! after two months on synthroid, my TSH is down to a healthy level. :D

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