• i know anyone can look in grant and get the VIN, but it seemed like something i should blur out. :shrug:
  • that is not how you spell my goddamn name! (that's supposed to be in all caps)


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grant has been nothing but bad luck since i got him.

didn't receive requested gap insurance
minor but saddening experiences with dealership
my name is misspelled on the loan and registration
hail damage
flat tire
engine light has come on three times (and is currently on)
floor panel keeps coming undone when chris kicks it
mom pours liquid behind the stereo face
the dynamic stability control is useless

at this point i'm no longer even angry. just upset. i always had reservations about replacing remy, but i had no idea it would come with such catastrophic karmic problems (okay, that was a little dramatic). at least i've got a warranty.

why didn't i buy a '69 stingray? :[

7/17/09 21:49

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