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i'm fairly certain if strawberry twizzlers contained some protein, i could live off of them. my wicked canines were designed for ripping and shredding plastic chew toys.


i've gotten back into my people analyzing mode while riding the bus. i did this last year while riding the bus to work, pattern recognition. i easily pick out patterns people and objects display. i can tell you the rotation for stop lights around town, if and when they change during the course of a day. i can take the noise of someone walking behind my desk and identify who it is.


on the bus, many people sit in the same seats everyday. woman with a laptop next to last row (she offered me a seat once, moved all her things). middle-aged woman with frizzy hair who uses my stop and always has to be the first on the bus. she sits on the back row with me, taking my coveted window seat, reading. there's also an hispanic man, short for a guy, oozing boring normalcy that mysteriously intrigues me. i'm a sucker for an old dude (relatively speaking). when he, frizzy hair and i are boarding the bus, he always smiles and gestures for me to go first. he usually sits mid-bus but today followed me to the back, sitting next to laptop lady (there were a handful of extra people riding today).


so, i did what any normal person would do: i analyzed what little i could see of him. his salt and pepper hair's always combed down neatly; he's well-groomed in general, probably early 40s. he's always wearing dark sunglasses, but when he turned his head i saw he has light brown eyes and long lashes. he's married, sways to his music like ray charles, has freckles on his left ear, the arm rest is uncomfortable for him, and he's currently experiencing neck pain. i have a bizarre attraction to arms and hands, but his aren't that great. well, his arms may be okay, but his hands are too...ugly, in a stubby, big-knuckled manly kind of way.


the other day when i attained window seat heaven, the opposite window was occupied by a rather young man (though older than myself) in a dress shirt and slacks holding a sheet of paper with greek writing, reading it aloud. bring some of that my way, man. since there were three empty seats between us, i sat facing him with my back to the window, alternating between my crossword and watching him.


i am currently ground zero for a uterine rebellion, so i'm returning to lounging. ideally i should sleep, but again i'm not too tired. hopefully within the hour.


4/8/09 23:11

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