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farewell, wamu. know in my heart i will always cherish the times we had together, and i will always hold a grudge because now i can't see my fico score for free you stupid. mother. fuckers.


ahem. on a related note, if you happen to find a deery lou wallet with my license and debit card in it, that's mine. so don't keep it or use my debit card. feel free to use my little tags; you can get discounts at randalls, petsmart, petco, and even check out a library book. hell, go crazy and rent a movie from blockbuster, or use that free buffet i have at mr. gatti's. just don't use my debit card because i have a pending $55 charge for a sweet unicorn purse i bought on etsy, and the rest of that money's going to credit card debt. please? i have business cards in there, so just bring it on over to that address. i'll validate your parking. ;)


in the absence of my debit card, i had to use a credit card at starbucks this morning. [shudder] i feel so dirty. blech, i hate credit cards now. i happily used it at lunch, though, cause no one makes spicy fried chicken better than the church's in the 'hood. it's all lawrence's fault for luring me there with the promise of biscuits.


who else is distraught that nina flowers didn't win rupaul's drag race? bitches just don't know. they can't handle the ferocity. she gives me that happy tingly feeling i got watching acid betty in that wicked fucking costume on "project runway" last season. also, pretty sure i'd knock out rebecca glasscock if i saw her on the street. she's a hot dude but such a bitchy, barbie queen.


3/24/09 22:38

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Taken on March 24, 2009