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    yes, my credit history is kind of sad. i've been fucking around for a long time, though, and finally started caring in the past few months. my goal was just to get above 700.

    699? are you kidding me?! it was like FICO was doing it just to destroy my self worth and ambition. then, as you can see in may, when i bought my car it plummeted. i guess an extra $21k of debt doesn't look good when you're already in the hole five digits.

    BUT! i checked it today, and lo, 705! and i just paid off the rest of my capital one card with most of my OT check ($281), and when november closes i should have around $500-$600 excess to send off to the next asshole in line.

    i love results.

    11/20/08 22:14

    edit 2/27/13: came back to look at this when someone added it to their favorites. for the record my credit score is now 795. just bought our first house a few months ago. now to push for 800! ;)

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    1. Heidi Photo 66 months ago | reply

      Congrats!! you are achieving what so many Americans don't have the where withall to do. So nice to see someone working at it rather than taking the easy way out!

    2. born_2b_with_u 11 months ago | reply

      Woohoo !!! Go YOU !!! I'm working on mine as well right now.....I have about 7-8 old creditors that I have already paid off, but since I was initially late with payments, thier sitting on my Credit for many years already and I dont want to have to wait thier standard 7 years to see it finally drop off - Thanks for the inspiration :)

    3. me and the sysop 11 months ago | reply

      those late payments really haunt you. i had a bad one when i was working part-time about 10 years ago, went three months without making a payment. that stuck for quite a while! once i got a full-time job i set everything up to auto pay the minimum amount since back then i was never sure how much i would have leftover to pay. just wanted to cover my bases. i'm so obsessed with paying on time, without autopay i probably wouldn't sleep at night, ha. in six months i'll be credit card debt-free for the first time in 12 years. i'm beside myself with anticipation and always happy to see others fighting the good fight!

    4. born_2b_with_u 10 months ago | reply

      I would LOVE to see the Letter Template that was used for those companies that initially responded that they couldn't remove the acct from your report !! I sent out my first set of letters to the creditors, that I paid in full are still sitting on my credit as negative, because of late payments and only 1 out of 7 was kind enough to respond that they would be removing it from my 3 Credit reports. Two never bothered responding and the remaining 4 letters were IDIOTS, because they responed with "we have checked our records and the information reported is accurate"...like really? thats not what I asked :/ YES I want to pursue my persistance to have them removed and I have already researched who the President, Vice President, CEO and Corporate address is, I just need to figure out how to write the next letter .

    5. KimSanDiego 7 months ago | reply

      Just read your updates. SWEET!!! Congratulations!!

    6. KimSanDiego 7 months ago | reply

      P.S. I am a personal finance writer, and although I can't say this from personal experience, my understanding is that at this point, since you are obviously doing everything right, your 800+ will probably come from (A) debt utilization of no more than 7%, and (B) file age. So if you keep doing what you're doing, your score will definitely go up as time goes by.

    7. me and the sysop 7 months ago | reply

      thanks! though i hate capital one, and it's the card with the lowest limit and highest APR, i keep it around because i've had it for almost 12 years. it's by far my oldest line of credit that's still open, so i just use it here and there and pay it off in full every billing cycle.

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