Taj Mahal

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    Taj Mahal

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    1. eternal_ag0ny 45 months ago | reply

      very beautiful image. check out mine.

      Taj Mahal - The Reflection

    2. Lensa Waiz 41 months ago | reply

      Excellent stop shot

    3. jmc4 - Church Explorer 34 months ago | reply

      Mumtaz Mahal "Paragon of the Palace" died 17th June 1631 aged 38 giving birth to her 14th child Goharara Begum. .Her husband Shah Jehan who erected the mauseum was so totally devoted to her, "he was thought in her life tyme to use noe other women" and neglected his other wives who "enjoyed nothing more than the title of wifeship". "He did not feel towards the others 1000th part of the affection he had for her, he never allowed her to be separated from him" He consulted her on all important state matters and allowed her to place the royal seal on his orders which gave her a chance to see the final document drafts.
      Mumtaz was first buried in a garden on the banks of the river Tapi in Burhanpur where she had died - 6 months later she was taken to Agra and on 8th Janurary 1632 was reburied on the banks of the Yamuna where her mausoleum was built. Named the "Illumined Tomb" it became known as the Taj Mahal a corruption of her name.
      Though Shah Jahan did not marry again nor turn to his other wives sadly he went off the rails now acquiring several concubines, illicit liaisons, adultery with married women etc and even perhaps incest but remembering her plea to "raise not issue on any other woman lest her children and mine should come to blows over the succession" any pregancies were aborted. However he spent the last 8 years of his life imprisoned by his third son Aurangzeb the winner of his 4 sons battle for his throne.
      As the first to be buried Mumtaz lies below the centre of the dome and Shah Jehan to one side although his tomb is raised higher

    4. Debashis Kumar 7 months ago | reply


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