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Jasper White 1917 Consular Registration | by puzzlemaster
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Jasper White 1917 Consular Registration

Jasper White

American singer, dancer and actor who travelled to England in 1897 and performed on the musical hall stage there, and throughout Europe, until his death in 1937.


His various passport applications are of two opinions regarding his age and place of birth. Previous to 1920, he claimed to have been born 3 March 1873 in Denver CO. After that date, he said he was born in Wilmington NC on 3 March 1876.

Jasper White seems to have been married twice. His first wife was Lillie Asquith who was born in Leeds, England on 16 June 1886. Jasper and Lille performed together on the music hall stage as “Snowball and Dolia. “ Jasper was married for the second time on 23 Feb 1924 to Daisy Green, with whom he had two daughters.


I have found no evidence that Jasper White ever returned to the United States after he left in 1897. An idea of his extensive travels in pursuit of his career can be had from the following document.


1918 Consular Registration File

Extract from his Affidavit to Explain Protracted Foreign Residence and to Overcome Presumption of Expatriation


“I Jasper White, a native and loyal American citizen do solemnly swear that I ceased to reside in the United States on or about the ---day of February 1897; that I have since resided temporarily at Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy; and that I arrived in London England where I am now temporarily residing, on the --- day of March 1897, my reasons for such residence being as follows;


In 1887 I left the United States for Great Britain where I stayed until 1903 doing theatrical work. In 1903 I went to South Africa to fulfil engagement, then returned to England and went to Holland where I filled short engagements, returning to England where I stayed until 1907. 1907 engagements Austria, Italy, France, Hungary and Germany up to 1910 when I returned to England again in January 1911, where I remained until June 1911, when I left for a short engagement in France. Returned to England July 1911 and have been playing in the British Isles to date. I have been with no individual company but have been playing on behalf of myself. “


Sworn to 13 February 1918

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