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1/365 - Here We Go... Again? | by puuikibeach
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1/365 - Here We Go... Again?

Carly: I thought you said we wouldn't be doing this again.


The Doctor: Well, "again" implies that one has previously experienced something.


Carly: Which we have....


The Doctor: Ermm.... that depends... on how disposed you happen to be toward the concept of... sequentiality.


Carly: What are you... oh. Wait. I get it. Dude, that is so cheating!


The Doctor: Cheating? Oh, pshaw! Merely....


Carly: 'Merely,' you've taken us back in time -- hence we're in black and white, isn't that cute -- and now we haven't done this stupid project yet, so even if we do it again, because really we have completed this stupid, and yes I'm repeating for emphasis, stupid, project, only... in the future..., then you can claim we're not doing it again because we haven't finished it the first time. Yet. Or started it. Or... something.


The Doctor: Precisely.


Carly: That's just so... so...


The Doctor: ... Raven?


Carly: Before my time. I was thinking more like, so dumb!

I think I'll start calling your silly blue box a reTARDIS.


Day 1 of The 365 Toy Project

1 January 2012

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Taken on January 1, 2012