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235/365 - Travelers | by puuikibeach
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235/365 - Travelers

Day 235, The 365 Toy Project

23 August 2010


These three Pinky Street girls have been traveling with me since late 2005. Their adventures began with a trip to neighboring Hawaiian islands. In 2006 they had to the opportunity to travel internationally, to both Thailand and Spain. Since then they've been to several U.S. states in the American southwest, as well as on some local trips around Oahu. For close to five years now they've been on nearly every trip I've made.


The girls were not my original toy traveling companions, however. When I recently rediscovered this vintage Palmer Plastics (I recently looked that up -- I had no idea, nor did I care, who made this guy when I was a kid) wolfman figure, I suddenly remembered: this yellow wolfman was my first "traveling toy."


The trip with the wolfman was so long ago that I remember only a few details. I don't think I had even started elementary school at the time. It was a family vacation, and we traveled by car from Oregon to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, crossing to the island on a car ferry. I remember taking this wolfman along. Specifically, we spent a couple of days at a lake cabin that must have belonged to some friends of my dad. They had a big (at least it seemed big to me at the time) toy sailboat. I remember putting the wolfman on the toy sailboat and wading around at the edge of the lake with him. I remember at one point later in the trip not being able to find the wolfman and becoming quite upset, afraid I'd left it at the cabin.


As far as I recall, that was my one and only trip with the wolfman, or with any "traveling toys" until the girls (and shortly thereafter, the infamous Trippy) started tagging along.


I don't remember exactly when the yellow plastic wolfman picked up the color tinting. When I found him recently, he had been colored with marking pens. I vaguely recalled that he ended up being colored at some point, but I don't think I did it. It was probably one of my brothers. I've been soaking him in a cup of water, trying to get the ink stains off. The colors are much fainter now, but I suspect ol' Wolfie is permanently tinted.

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Taken on August 23, 2010