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Day 152 - An Ankylosaur, A Cow, and a Porcupine Fish Walk Into a Bar.... | by puuikibeach
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Day 152 - An Ankylosaur, A Cow, and a Porcupine Fish Walk Into a Bar....

It's Ankylosaur Week! Day Two. Yay!


Okay, here's the weird thing. As though the photo isn't weird enough, huh? But the story, such as it is, behind it is even weirder. You see, after yesterday's Ankylosaur photo, with which I must admit I was rather pleased, I was wondering what I would do for tomorrow (now today). Suddenly it came to me: so these two Ankylosaurs walk into a bar. I mean, that seemed pretty off-the-wall... or so I thought.


Cut to: late that evening


I surfed in to Tetrapod Zoology, the home of Ankylosaur Week, late last night to bone up (ha!) on cool anky facts. As I read through the discussion following the latest entry (as linked above - and which mentions "Ankylosaur Week", or the lack thereof), of a sudden I stopped, stunned, nay, stunned and astonished, agog over the lines: "an Ankylosaur, a lungfish, a cow, and a salmon walk into a bar...."


Okay, my line about the Ankylosaurs walking into a bar was good; but adding a cow, a salmon, and a lungfish?!? That is the kind of brilliance which sets scientists above the rest of us mere ignorant laymen!


Obviously I had to revise my photo plans. The cow I could manage. But a lungfish... no. I toyed (nyuk!) with the idea of a cartilaginous fish (aka shark), but then I ran across the porcupine fish. It just seemed so... jolly, and so... orangey... and I knew I had my subjects for the day.


Day 152 (16 February 2009), The 365 Toy Project.

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Taken on February 16, 2009