It's a Stetson!

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    It's a Stetson!
    My very first, in fact! I've been buying (and then usually selling at a loss) hats for a number of years now, and this is the first Stetson I have owned.
    I purchased this hat pre-owned online. It is marked "4X Beaver" (not "Beaver Quality") and carries the Stetson logo and a holographic Stetson sticker, but otherwise has no identifying markings. From the holographic label and the metric as well as standard sizing labels, I presume this hat is of fairly recent manufacture. After a bit of online searching, I suspect this model is one called the Sutter, although if anyone here can offer a more educated opinion I would appreciate the input.
    One thing is for sure, this is a swank-looking lid! Probably too fanceh for me, actually; I feel like I ought to be driving around in a Cadillac Eldorado with steer horns on the hood when I put on this hat.
    I definitely need to upgrade the rest of my wardrobe if I'm gonna wear this thing.

    1. impartial slip [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

      That is a good one! Definitely not for the working cowboy.

    2. Mr. Sable 30 months ago | reply

      Looks like you could pound nails with it. and that it would go well with a white suit, cigar, and silk white bow tie.

      Also a Stetson - 1950's Open Road like LBJ used to wear:

      017/365: last man standing 016 BW
      but looks better as a fedora.

    3. puuikibeach 30 months ago | reply

      Impartial Slip - Nope. Definitely a "rancher" hat, not a "cowhand" hat!
      Mr. Sable - Great minds think alike... or is that warped minds? I did, indeed, have Boss Hogg in mind the moment I unboxed this hat!
      That Open Road is the cat's meow with a flat brim and a fedora bash! I like it!
      Temagami446 - Thanks for the confirmation! I found the same image (it must be a stock product image) on a different site, which is how I came up with the tentative identification, but the site I found did not indicate a price. It's exciting to realize that I purchased this hat for two-hundred dollars less than the original list price! Well, okay, to be completely accurate, one-hundred ninety-five dollars less than the original list price. Talk about depreciation!

    4. Mr. Sable 30 months ago | reply

      "It's not a bargain until you can tell someone it is." -Craig Ferguson.

    5. Temagami446 30 months ago | reply

      Funny thing is, beaver fur hats traditionally were for ranchers and cowhands. It wasn't until show rodeos grew in popularity that straw hats became the preferred choice, entirely because a straw hat is cheaper and financially easier to replace when it gets trampled by a bull. Also a lower price point for rhinestone cowboys sitting in the stands.

      To that point I was at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (for work, I have the best job ever) wearing a fur felt 'cowboy' hat. This one in fact
      we were being given a VIP tour and the man leading the tour complimented me on my hat and said, "It's nice to meet a man that knows a hat should be made of fur. All these straw hats are wannabe cowboys."
      This being said by a Texan to a Yankee from Ohio.

    6. puuikibeach 30 months ago | reply

      Temagami446 - That's a great story!

      I was doing some reading about cowboy hats while researching these recent acquisitions. I learned that beaver fur felt was preferred and used for real working hats because it is more naturally water repellent than other furs and felts. As beavers were driven to near-extinction (estimated original population of 60+ million in North America, now fewer than 6 million), "lesser" furs, including nutria and rabbit, were employed, and finally, wool. Straw western hats, so some sources, possibly dubious, claim, were introduced to serve as seasonal summer hats when traditional fur felt hats would be too warm. I couldn't find an accurate date regarding the widespread appearance of straw western hats. I well remember the cheap straw cowboy hats on the toy aisle in the department stores when I was a kid!

      As for work... I thought you were an administrator for a DOD school in the middle east. How does a trip to a rodeo in Texas factor in to that scenario?

    7. Mr. Sable 30 months ago | reply

      -and wool hats shrink in the rain.

    8. Temagami446 30 months ago | reply

      Not a DOD school. Branch campus of A&M. We have several student trips to visit the main campus each year and I was advisor on one. Part of the trip was a 'Texas cultural experience' to the rodeo.

      Mr. Sable and straw hats would melt in the rain. Real working cowboys/ranchers would stick with fur felt precisely because fur felt would hold up through all weather conditions.

      Beaver is the best fur for felting, overall toughness and weather resistance. It's due to the nature of the fibers and how they interlock in the felting process.

    9. Mr. Sable 30 months ago | reply

      You know Alberta is cattle country, right? And that my neighbourhood is right between a cattle ranch, a horse ranch, and a giant horse jumping spread (albeit the cowboys there dress all English as a ruse). Home of Smithbilt* and the Calgary Stampede. There are real cowboys with proper cowboy hats all over the place. ;)

      And reading about the twisty hairs of water habituated rodents on COW all those years really stuck.

      I might go see if those cowses are out this morning.

      *my daily wear fedora these days is a Smithbilt.

    10. puuikibeach 30 months ago | reply

      Temagami446 - Ah ha! A branch campus of a university! That makes a lot more sense! Or I should say, some of your photos and captions begin to make a lot more sense to me now! Thank you for the clarification! (And yeah, definitely a pretty sweet gig... altho' I'm sure it has its moments.)

      Mr. Sable - I see that Smithbilt makes a nice-looking campaign hat! And some sweeet western hats... at a cool grand for 100% beaver! Where'd you pick up your Smithbilt?

    11. Mr. Sable 30 months ago | reply

      Five years ago and on the same day, I picked up TWO Smithbilts for a grand total of $20.00 at Value Village. For both. Together.

      My first Smithbilt

      My second Smithbilt


      The grey one was the one I wore in "Five Bullets, Five Names" and it getting a bit dirty, but still holding it's fine shape. I sanded the dark spots off the front dimples just the other day. The hat band is quite sun faded and the brim a bit sweat stained - nothing I can do about that.

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