Bruno Listopad @ Het Wilde Weten @ 20-06-2009
‘Self-construction as a methodology’


With this performance/installation I will attempt to explore the body outside the theatrical frames I am accustomed to work with when conceiving for regular theatre venues. An exploration on unstable body that enquires in its own performativity.

The event will include:

Disorder The unfocused simultaneity of events.

Obscurity The rejection of dramaturgical triggers through the manipulation of the actions of the performers in time and space.

Unspectacular-ness A considerable disproportion between craftsmanship and the duration of the event, avoiding a tension bow.

Redundancy The hyper dramatisation of the event through hyperbolic deformation, voluntary disorientation and dysfunctional precariousness.

Indulgence A self-referential exploration detached from an attempt towards authenticity and transparency of the process.

Aleatoricism The development of “consciousness” through chance, disjunction of meanings, and illogical encounters with “other” sort of bodies, both material and virtual.

Timelessness The attempt at the exploration of “new” subjectivity through the production of a entity foreign to “itself”. Neither pre or post human, but out of joint with its time. “

Performers: Aleksandra Maciejewska, Amaranta Velarde González, Angelina Deck, Eric Schrijver (Guest Artist)

Production: Danslab
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