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Hallelujah... - Day 14, Year 2



Sorry more boring camera gear shots... after yesterday I was hoping to go in a slightly different direction. So apologies, this was a backup shot for today as I spent a good chunk of the day doing lots of running around and in the end ran out of time and I need a good nights sleep!


Why "hallelujah" for a title you may ask?... The lenses in front of you are the 3 Canon f/2.8 L zooms. Collectively they are sometimes referred to as the "holy trinity" ... probably because when you pick up a bag with all 3 in you say "holy s**t that bag's heavy" ;)


In preparation for tomorrows little job markfieldingpic decided to fill the gap in our collective lens collections by renting a 24-70mm lens. Both of us are still rather eager to burn up some more of our hard earned cash on this lens, so it seemed like a good excuse to play with one for a day (although speaking of hard earned cash, I seem to have surprisingly little left these days :P.... )


Lightroom: white balance, auto levels, desaturate yellow and orange as the light in the background was tainting the whole scene. sharpen, save to JPG


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Taken on August 29, 2009