• This is my lens.... and yes, I dropped it, that's where the crack in the focus cover comes from!
  • Courtesy of Calumet in Manchester

Hallelujah... - Day 14, Year 2

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Sorry more boring camera gear shots... after yesterday I was hoping to go in a slightly different direction. So apologies, this was a backup shot for today as I spent a good chunk of the day doing lots of running around and in the end ran out of time and I need a good nights sleep!

Why "hallelujah" for a title you may ask?... The lenses in front of you are the 3 Canon f/2.8 L zooms. Collectively they are sometimes referred to as the "holy trinity" ... probably because when you pick up a bag with all 3 in you say "holy s**t that bag's heavy" ;)

In preparation for tomorrows little job markfieldingpic decided to fill the gap in our collective lens collections by renting a 24-70mm lens. Both of us are still rather eager to burn up some more of our hard earned cash on this lens, so it seemed like a good excuse to play with one for a day (although speaking of hard earned cash, I seem to have surprisingly little left these days :P.... )

Lightroom: white balance, auto levels, desaturate yellow and orange as the light in the background was tainting the whole scene. sharpen, save to JPG

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  1. rimblas 67 months ago | reply

    Wow! That is the trinity and A LOT of weight, no kidding.
    As you may remember I own the 24-70mm, I got it less than two months ago. It's so heavy that it actually took some getting used to and get good shots.
    But it was truly amazing how beautiful the pictures it takes are.
    Now I'm itching for the 70-200, but I may just for with the f4 instead of the 2.8.

  2. pixel.eight 67 months ago | reply

    £50 for the lot, can't say fairer than that - take my arm off :oP

  3. Man met bril 67 months ago | reply

    Awesome set! I'm saving money now to buy a f/1.2 or f/1.4 50mm...

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. Jonne Naarala 67 months ago | reply

    24-70 will be worth of hard earned cash. At least I like that lens a lot. At the moment it is my only Canon zoom.

  5. Mr Tickle - Wachoo Wachoo Tribe Congressman 67 months ago | reply

    For some reason, this photo put me in the mind of the Three Amigos... It would certainly be worthy of a caption competition anyway :)
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?²ˣ)

  6. PaulBW 67 months ago | reply

    Lens porn, can't help it, I just keep clicking.

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