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300 - Day 300 of Project 365 | by purplemattfish
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300 - Day 300 of Project 365



Day 300 what else ;D


It's great having mates who are as mad me!


"This is the way the world ends: Not with a bang but a whimper" T. S. Eliot


I've been trying to shoe horn that quote into a 365 shot for months... I can't decide if really fits the shot.. but it's part of what I had in mind when I was taking the shot. There was Stephen King quote from The Stand that I like which might be more appropriate but I can't remember exactly how it goes, and Google has been no help? For TRP "Book Quotes".


Day 300 wow, this really feels like the end is in sight. I realise there are plenty more days to come, but I can't help feel that there is not much time left... and I'm beginning to worry I that it will be all over too soon. I’ve got to the stage where I almost can't imagine what it was like before I started whoring myself out on Flickr ;P ... My 365 has certainly changed my perspective on many things, and it’s going to be a big hole to fill.


We just happened to watch the "film" in question tonight. So it seemed rather appropriate to do a themed shot for today. The ramshackle nature of the props highly amused us both, particularly the fact that the “helmets” are held on with elastic bands and I have a bathmat round my shoulders held on with a bulldog clip :D


I didn't look at any stills on the PC till I had finished most of my post work. I think I've probably over done the red capes a bit, and I could really have done with using a bit of Photoshop to do some selective blurring and layer work... but to the fair the base shot was a bit sketchy as I didn't have anything with me apart from my camera and lens. So it's all room lit and the tripod I borrowed was drooping so I over compensated and composed a bit high up... a bad workman and his tools eh? ;P


Lightrom: .. a fair bit, general desaturaiton of the whole image, loads of vignette, clarity to 100%, selectively saturate the "capes" and "shields" ( ahhm ...towels and cushions...) use brush tool to “dodge” and "burn" various bits, heavily sharpen, save to JPG.


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Taken on June 12, 2009