Broken hard drive? - Day 148 of Project 365

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    Backed up your hard drive recently? If not why not?

    This is a collection of faulty hard drives from customer PC's. All these disks came from network PC's so fortunately there was no lost data... I always smash hard disks with a lump hammer before disposing them, that way there is no absolutely no chance of any sensitive data falling into the wrong hands!

    yesterday Jonosay said “It's times like these that I walk away, take a deep cleansing breath and get a bigger hammer... “ so that’s what I did today was to have a cleansing session with a big hammer ;)

    Whenever I “dispose” of disks this way it always reminds me it’s time to review "that" backup solution, there’s one or two fairly modern disks in that pile (as in just over 12 months old) so don’t think that your brand new computer is immune :)

    I'm off to run a backup!

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    1. Sue Langford 64 months ago | reply

      wise words mister matt! i hope you didn't have TOO much fun with that lump hammer...! :-)

    2. boxers 999 64 months ago | reply

      Ive been there myself. Smash those drives to bits :) Thank god for Apple Time Machine and Drobo's :)

      I have 1 hour increments going back months, but I still want that backup usb drive in my mates safe with my pictures on :)

    3. pennacook 64 months ago | reply

      Nice collection of beaten-down drives. Good way to take out frustrations too ;)

    4. Jonosay 64 months ago | reply

      Woo Hoo! Stress relieving mass destruction of defenseless electronic items!

    5. purplemattfish 64 months ago | reply

      I get paid to do this :)
      Its the best way, some people drill the disks but some companies can recover disks from that, this way I bend all the platters...! I currently backup to a linkstation NAS which in turn backs up to an attached USB disk... still need an offsite solution.... I was thinking wireless to a second NAS in the garden shed?
      .... I like my job sometimes :)
      they all deserved it, going faulty just cannot be tolerated, they were lucky they didn't get nailed on the wall

    6. zawtowers 63 months ago | reply

      There's only one real way to smash stuff Sue, and that's to do it in the style of Office Space.

    7. RobStone 39 months ago | reply

      I go a little crazy, I take a hammer to the drive, then drill through the platters, then I use a blowtorch just for the sake of using a blowtorch. One time I tried blowtorching it, and then I dunked it in icy water, and the disk got microfine scratches all over it, so I'm going to try that again the next time a drive dies on me.

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