Ivy and her sugar skull prince

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    ** This photo lost 50+ favourites by mistake in May 2013 **

    Evilyn using her telekinesis to make a floating sugar skull prince for her little princess, Ivy <3

    Pullip Prupate

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    1. Selene Gray 62 months ago | reply

      OMG!!! SooooOoOoooo sweet! How tender Evilyn is! I loved the prince! And the expression of Ivy is sooo cute! *O*

    2. Leighton ♦ C. 62 months ago | reply

      It's so nice and cute ♥
      I love this photograph *w*
      Ivy is so sweet here ♥
      And the prince is wonderful *o*

    3. -Jeevas- 62 months ago | reply

      He´s really a sweet prince!! <3

    4. Suptobia 62 months ago | reply

      Evilyn must be a really fantastic sister! Both Ivy and Evilyn looks so adorable in this picture. ^////////////////^

    5. Suki♥ 62 months ago | reply

      The sugar skull is very cuteee!! i love the idea of the photo!! o^-^o

    6. Meilachan 62 months ago | reply

      OMG!! Great pic!! I love so much your idea! It's so funny and The prince looks so cute! ♥

    7. nanda.rose 62 months ago | reply

      Wow, I really enjoyed this photo session! Evilyn is so good to Ivy :) The both girls look so real somehow, like real sisters. And they have incredible outfits! You style your girls always with a good taste, I love that. And you always put a thought to your photos, and that's why I enjoy them so much <3 This one is really funny idea! I know that you have sometimes been unsure about your editing skills but I think this is made really well! :) Great, many many faves to both photos! n__n
      Oh, I forgot to mention about the light! I really like it! :) I think I have to practise with the light a bit more :)

    8. Zorha Nightwood 62 months ago | reply

      I missed many pictures *shame on me T-T* but I am always impressed by your incredible and innovative work. This photo is simply hallucinating, there is only you to offer us this kind of marvels *______________*

    9. Rinoninha 62 months ago | reply

      XDXDXDXD This is so funny! And Ivy's expression and pose here are so real, hahaha!

    10. Micaela_b 62 months ago | reply

      hahaha cool!

    11. pure_embers 62 months ago | reply

      Trisquette Wow that's so cool, thank you Trisquette! <3 I'm very happy and flattered to read your lovely comment! :) I'm glad you like my strange doll world :D hehe
      Selene Gray Hehe awww thank you Selene! <3 Evilyn is sweet to Ivy sometimes, but they fight like sisters too :D It's great that you like Ivy's prince ;D and this picture of them!
      Leighton ♦ C. Awww that's so sweet, thank you leighton <3 I'm happy you like the picture and Ivy's prince too :D
      -Jeevas- Hehe he's a strange but gentlemanly prince :D i'm glad you like him Jeevas! <3
      Suptobia Hey thanks Suptobia! :) I think they fight like sisters too, but mostly they like eachother and Evilyn takes care of her little sister :) I'm pleased you like the pic! :)
      Suki♥ Hey thank you so much Suki! :)
      Meilachan Hehe awww thank you Meilachan <3 The prince is an odd one isn't he? but i'm happy you like him! and the picture :) I love how Ivy's gone all shy here hehe :D
      nanda.rose That's so cool, nanda.rose, thank you ever so much! <3 It was a fun session to do, i like hanging things on string and sellotape hehe :D These sisters are sweet and i'm so pleased you like them and their clothes :) I admit this is one of my stranger ideas :D hehe but i'm glad you like it and the editing too :) I'm learning a bit at a time :D
      Zorha Nightwood Wow i feel so happy and flattered that you think so Zorha! <3 thank you ever so much :) I can't thank you enough for your wonderful words <3
      Rinoninha Hehe it's cute and funny isn't it :D i'm glad you like it Rinoninha <3
      mica b Thanks Micaela! :)

      Thanks for the favourites everyone :)

    12. KisaKuran 62 months ago | reply

      this picture is really original !

    13. pure_embers 62 months ago | reply

      KisaKuran Thanks! :) It was really fun to do too!

    14. spiti84 62 months ago | reply

      wow!! this is such a stunning shot!!! love the idea so much :D

    15. pure_embers 62 months ago | reply

      spiti84 Thank you so much! :) I'm pleased you think so <3

    16. ♡-Elizabeth-♡  62 months ago | reply

      this idea is so....wow! i have no words :O the skull looks so amazing thats an absolutely well done work!

    17. Sakura ♥ 62 months ago | reply

      Awwn oh my how cool dearie ^3^ They are soo lovely and just soo pretty <3
      I love their dresses I adore the clothes your dolls are wearing ^____^ Soo beautiful always <3 Oh hihi oh my this idea is sooo crazy but sooo cool and unique *___* I love it i t birngs me defenitly to smile thaaanks *hugs* Haha but seriously, the editing is just amazing you are indeed sooo damn talented one of the most telnted persons here for sure *___* Your ideas are always so great and unique wow!! Right on dear *hugs*

    18. pure_embers 62 months ago | reply

      ♡-Elizabeth-♡  Haha! Awww you're so lovely <3 thank you so much for your words, i'm very pleased you like this picture Elizabeth <3
      Sakura ♥ Wow thanks Sakura! <3 I've been after this Stica dress for a while, i love it :D It is a bit of a crazy idea hehe but these two are a bit weird ;) hehe I'm really happy you like the pic and my editing skills that are slowly improving! :D

    19. Machen Chenaux 29 months ago | reply

      please tell me they are real and like to play hopscotch and toy ponies.. /crossesfingers...

    20. pure_embers 29 months ago | reply

      Machen Chenaux But of course they do! ;) hehe

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