• open shelving -- dishes go here
  • trash can
  • cat food and water
  • Ikea LACK end table, used as chair
  • Ikea LACK sofa table, used as computer desk
  • Ikea Billy bookshelf, currently storing art, craft, and house books, plus printer/scanner, phone base, and key basket (approximation of a landing strip)...also the only lamp in the living room.
  • Ikea laptop desk, for drawing
  • Ottoman for armchair, doing ottoman duty.
  • Another Ikea purchase...thought it would be a good computer chair, or reading chair, but it's impossible to get out of...so it stores clothes.
  • more Billy bookshelves...double-stacked with books. Book purging is going to be a tough one...
  • Billy corner unit, supposed to be a dresser-substitute, but it doesn't quite work because I don't have any drawers...was going to use baskets, but haven't found any that work...
  • The table that is now in the living room was in here for awhile...I moved it when the new 'puter came to live here permanently...now there's just a bunch of stuff (old record albums from my grandparents, my Color Classic, etc.)
  • dinky clothes closet, totally not utilized because I can't seem to get organized on a laundry schedule (plus, I have way to many clothes that I never wear)
  • the amazing revolving cat box. I have got to get a cat-door installed and get this thing outside
  • orange plastic shelf, home of shampoo, conditioner, and all important rubber ducky
  • Birch drop-leaf table from the consignment shop...currently stacked with craft supplies, mail, and, um, stuff.
  • another Lack end table, again used as a chair
  • butcher-block-topped rolly-cart, currently has my Windows desktop (not being used, now that I have the mama ship in the living room)
  • The mama ship -- an iMac, used for flickring, photo editing, and DVD / iTunes tv watching...my TV is in my bedroom, disposal pending my decision to keep this as my only media-bringing-in-thingie.
  • Brown corduroy sofa from the home consignment shop...not the most comfortable thing in the world (back cushions are too stiff, or the seat is too shallow, or maybe both).
  • super-cute trash can for paper recycling
  • I hate this wall. I wish it were gone. Unfortunately, the gas runs to the stove from here, so it's a non-trivial, structural change, which means it's a no-go. Meh.
  • Invisible (on the floorplan) wall shelves, installed by last tenant, currently storing art stuff. Really awkward, visually.
  • My pantry -- one whole cabinet
  • So, I'm seriously contemplating doing the Apartment Therapy 8 week cure...I've read the book 1.63 times, and I really want to de-stuffify my life in a systematic way...
  • It's been so frustrating, being sick and not being able to get anything done, so I drew my floorplan...of course, you can't see all the clothes piled up in the bedroom, or the recycling in the kitchen, or the mail-to-be-gone-through in the living room, or the tons of books everywhere...
  • But I'm not ready to show the entire universe that mess...heck, I don't even let my parents visit. Anyway, it's a daunting task, and part of me just wants to move, especially because the place that I'm renting could be sold any day now (and I hate that damn kitchen wall)...
  • ...but moving isn't the best financial choice for me right now, and it smacks of running away from my stuff problems. So I should fix the stuff that's me, and trust the rest to work itself out, right?
  • Birch stool being used as bedside table
  • I heart my red mailbox
  • I loathe and abhor my carpets
  • wall heater

A Is For Auntie's House

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  1. astralbeing79 98 months ago | reply

    did you buy out Ikea? :)

  2. pumpkinoodle 98 months ago | reply

    heh -- it feels like that, sometimes! really, it's just the seating, shelving, and drawing surface....and it's accumulated over the past few years -- I didn't buy it all at once ;-)

  3. andrea joseph's illustrations 98 months ago | reply

    Oh my I just love room plans. I used to draw hem all the time. This makes me want to start again.

  4. Ms. Art Teacher Lady 98 months ago | reply

    This is fabulous! Your notes make it even more enjoyable to look at.

  5. winterberry 98 months ago | reply

    love your place and the notes are great. i used to draw stuff like this all the time. sometimes i even draw floorplans and label where i put stuff (cause i move it around so much i forget where i put it). very interesting to see how other people live.

  6. htfairyg 98 months ago | reply

    I love room plans, too. And I don't blame you for leaving out the messy bits. I would have left 'em out as well!

    A gal at work told me today that she used to worry about her messy apartment, but finally told her sister that if she died suddenly and the police/paramedics arrived when the house was a mess, that the sister should wail, "Oh my gosh, not only has she died, but someone ransacked her house as well!!" : )

  7. *darkly dreaming gardener* 65 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called You drew it, now do it!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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