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Metropolis, Antwerp

The Metropolis in Antwerp was one of the first megaplexes in Europe, built and run by the Kinopolis group. It has 24 screens, with an average of 300 seats per screen, some quite large actually .The largest auditorium has 746 (including love seats), the two largest screen are 23,14 x 9,85 cm. All theaters are THX certified and have Dolby Digital readers on the projectors.

All films start at the same time, which seems common practice in Belgium. It's situated on the Groenendaallaan 394 in the Northern part of Antwerp. www.kinepolis.com/be-nl/index.cfm?PageID=10004&cid=METRO


On the right is my good friend Widescreen Wouter.

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Taken on November 20, 2005