• K-on! Towel
  • Pullip-Prunella
    I really hadn't planned on getting a pullip today at Animadness but they had a Prunella sitting on the shelf and well I couldn't resist Pru
  • Harley Quinn Snow Globe, this was one of my grail Harley Quinn items I had seen it previously at the comic book shop down the street from Animadness. I went back today with the intention to buy her, but we couldn't find her and feared that she had sold in the meantime. As we were leaving I spotted her on a high shelf still in the box.
  • Comics Stuff- I am a huge Joker/Harley Quinn fan. Been buying all sorts of Joker and Harley Quinn stuff lately.
  • Joker figure- I actually had this one as a kid before my grandmother decided that girls were not to play with Batman toys so she gave them away, could not resist rebuying him.
  • Re-ment- Animadness includes a free box of re-ment with pullip purchases.
  • Old Macfarlane Akira Toys, the man really wanted them suddenly O_o
  • Batman The Animated Series Playing Cards
  • Harley Quinn doll, found her at Toy Vault she actually came with the hyenas Bud and Lou
  • Joker plush was simply too hilarious not to buy
  • Harley Quinn Glass
  • Batman: Batgirl
  • Nemesis
  • Batman the Animated Series- Batman vs Poison Ivy Puzzle
  • Fate/Stay Night- Saber Super Movable Nendoroid
  • Vocaloid- Miku sega prize, quite possibly the best sega prize figure ever.

52/365- Animadness x Outer Limits x Toy Vault Loot

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Had the day off of work today so decided to go on a road trip to MA, specifically to Animadness and the Outer Limits down the street from it. Stopped at Outer Limits first and bought the comics, puzzle, Joker plush/figures and the Harley Quinn glass. I had intentionally been searching for the Harley Quinn Snow Globe, I had spotted it at on an earlier trip and had regretted not getting it then. It absolutely could not been found in the store today so I was cursing my luck that it had sold in the meantime, as we were leaving I spotted the box on a high shelf and quickly returned to the register to buy her too. Went to Animadness next, my intention had been to buy a few nendoroids; I wasn't planning on buying pullips today... then I spotted Prunella. I did end up getting the new Saber super movable nendoroid and picked up a K-on! towel as well as a Vocaloid Miku sega prize figure. On the way we stopped at Toy Vault and picked up the Akira figures as well as the Harley Quinn doll.

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  1. Atelier Cupcake 39 months ago | reply

    ohh what a great pick up, awesome loot :D I want prunella back I sold mine nrfb and wish I hadn't :(

  2. Hespah 39 months ago | reply

    Love Harley. :-) And you've got Prunella! I'm jealous!

  3. Hespah 39 months ago | reply

    Love Harley. :-) And you've got Prunella! I'm jealous!

  4. Monster KoolKitty 23 months ago | reply

    im really in need of that harley your so lucky would you maybe sell her ?

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