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too sexy for his shirt

Flint and Rochelle get intimate.


I would put a shirt on Flint; the trouble is that those wings limit my options, and neither of the shirts that came as part of the set and thus have holes for his wings at the back go with the snazzy pants. And I don't really want to go cutting holes in the backs of all my other boys' shirts.


I had also been thinking of cutting Rochelle's hair short, but my wife vetoed that idea. When I mentioned it to her, she shook her head and said she thought it looked fine the way it was. She then proceeded to arrange Rochelle's hair like that and moved her hand to hold it in place. Since that's arguably the first time she's ever offered an opinion on one of my dolls, never mind actually "playing" with one, I figured I'd better take her advice!


I do still think her hair could do with a little trim, though, just so that the pink strands are even in length with the turquoise ones. What do you guys think?

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Taken on July 19, 2012