Gruumsh Must Be Crazy Part II

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    When I told the others about my mission, they were pretty keen to come with me. That was a relief.

    Zissiren wanted to know why we couldn't just throw the artifact in one of the many lava rivers or bottomless pits in the underdark somewhere, but I vetoed that idea. My dad was adamant that Gruumsh wanted it dropped off the edge of the world. Trixie backed me up on that, murmuring something about Tiamat agreeing that that was what needed to be done.

    Anyway, so first we had to find our way out of the underdark. It's not always as easy as it might seem. Turns out we took a wrong turn somewhere and ran into some dwarves patrolling one of their ancient, ruined underground highways. We must have strayed too close to one of their nests.

    This patrol had a magic user with them. They looked pretty threatening, but they turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Trog and I engaged the two dwarf warriors while Trixie distracted the magic user long enough for Zissiren to get in behind him and cut his throat.

    After it was all over, Trixie astutely pointed out that if we were close enough to a dwarf nest to hit a patrol, then that would mean we were also fairly close to the surface. We had to take a bit of a circuitous route so as not to stumble right into the main group of dwarves, but we eventually managed to find an exit in the side of mountain with a trail leading down into a massive forest. We waited until the sun set and then set off towards the woods, not knowing what we'd find down there.

    1. pukunui81 74 months ago | reply

      I'm sorry that this is a relatively boring shot. I tried to do something trickier with some light painting to make it look like Trixie was casting a spell on the dwarves ... unfortunately, I kept having to start over after bumping the minis, so eventually I just gave up. I'll try it again when I have a set up that's less conducive to the minis being bumped out of place.

    2. Reed Lewis ATL 74 months ago | reply

      Like how the center looks in this.

    3. kleinnick 74 months ago | reply

      "dwarf nest" He-he, I will totally have to use that line one day. I like how you used the light to make a tunnel effect

    4. pukunui81 74 months ago | reply

      Marko Thanks.
      Reed Lewis Me too. These tiles photograph quite nicely (although if you look closely enough, you'll see the camera picks up the ink spots just like a scanner would).
      Nick Klein LOL. I had actually intended to have them stumble into a "nest of halflings" but I ended up doing something different with the halfling minis (the ones I'd chosen for the photoshoot looked too much like an adventuring party in their own right, so I went with that angle instead).
      I'm glad you like the lighting. There's only so much you can do with two-dimensional terrain. I just wish the passageway behind the dwarf wizard didn't end so abruptly, I'd tried to photoshop it longer but it didn;t look good so I just left it...

    5. dtepas 74 months ago | reply

      Poor dwarves......

    6. pukunui81 74 months ago | reply

      Danny te Pas Nah, dwarves are fat and oafish and stink of sweat and stale ale.

    7. Photomaginarium 74 months ago | reply

      i really dig these cavern and dungeon sets ... so cool ... !

    8. pukunui81 74 months ago | reply

      Photomaginarium Me too. I'm always pleasantly surprised at just how photogenic they are. They're from the two D&D 3e Basic Game sets (which I actually only bought for the miniatures, since they each game with a dragon and it was cheaper to buy them that way than to buy them as singles).

    9. dungeon tiles 72 months ago | reply

      nice atmosphere

    10. pukunui81 72 months ago | reply

      dungeon tiles Thanks. These dungeon tiles make for great light painting scenes, don't they?

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