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"Unlimited" "Broadband" [25/365] | by publicenergy
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"Unlimited" "Broadband" [25/365]

A lot of the text below is duplicated and expanded in this blog post


365 Project Day 25 adsl leaves something to be desired. Over the last few days, my dowload speeds have deteriorated to aroung 15kb/sec and before that only hit around 75kb/sec for the last few weeks.


The BT speed tests reveal that the underlying ADSL connection is set at 8096kb/sec (I could more or less hit the exchange by spitting at it!).'s customer service has been dreadful. I initially started using email but I got standard cut and paste replies that suggested that they'd not even read my questions and had just sent a one size fits all reply to fob me off. After several attempts they tell me that email support had reached it's limit and I should phone their premium rate screw the customers line.


The first person I talked to, whilst being generally clueless and finishing his advice with "All I can suggest is you use a different provider", did offer some insights in to how they work. Highlights include...


"You're wasting your time with email support, the people are miles away, can't see the system and just copy and paste replies in"


"We're testing our AUP/ bandwidth shaping by turning it on for some customers at random"


The BT speedtester tells me that although my line is rated at 8096, throughput across is around 236kb/sec - that seems to indicate a problem to me, but try telling their support people that.


I'm currently gettings speeds equivalent of an ISDN line so I don't think I'm even getting broadband - as for unlimited - to me that words means without limit - there are limits though - when you hit them they deliberately slow you down - although sometimes that doesn't show on their systems apparrently. These limits are apparrently very low but they don't know what they are - and can't tell the customer what they are - because calling them limits would suggest that unlimited is a lie.


If anyone has any tips for escaping the clutches of this shower of tw*ts, please let me know.

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Taken on November 13, 2007