LODLAM 2011 San Francisco
The International Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums Summit (“LOD-LAM”) convened leaders in their respective areas of expertise from the humanities and sciences to catalyze practical, actionable approaches to publishing Linked Open Data, specifically:

•Identify the tools and techniques for publishing and working with Linked Open Data.
•Draft precedents and policy for licensing and copyright considerations regarding the publishing of library, archive, and museum metadata.
•Publish definitions and promote use cases that will give LAM staff the tools they need to advocate for Linked Open Data in their institutions.

A PROV staff member participated in LODLAM San Francisco while on vacation and documented the notes that were produced by attendees.

To learn more about what Linked Open Data is and how it is changing the way cultural collections are being accessed and utilized visit lod-lam.net/summit/about/
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