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This collection of Victorian photographs comprises of records produced by agencies such as: the Melbourne Harbor Trust; the State Cabinet Committee and agencies responsible for managing the Victorian Railways. The images in this album depict places such as: Station Pier, Port Melbourne; Princes Pier, Port Melbourne; Railway Pier, Port Melbourne; Fisherman's Bend and Victoria Dock, Docklands. The collection also includes building plans that were maintained by the Melbourne Harbour Trust and ephemera associated with the visit of the American Great White Fleet to Melbourne in 1908.

The following record series numbers related to this collection are held at the Public Record Office Victoria:

VPRS 8355 [Photograph Album: Views of the Canal at Fisherman's Bend]
VPRS 8357 [Photographic Collection]
VPRS 8362 [Photograph Albums, J.B. Hosking Collection]
VPRS 8363 [Contact Prints & Negatives]
VPRS 12800 [Photographic Collection: Railway Negatives]
VPRS 10370 [Records regarding the American Fleet Visit]
VPRS 16723 [Estray Harbour Works Plans]