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Public Record Office Victoria holds many photographic collections and advertising billboards seem to figure conspicuously in some of them.

The advertising is a comment on attitudes and issues of the times they were taken and some of them may be considered politically incorrect by today's standards.

More advertising negatives can be found by searching through our online index of photos within the photographic collection of railway negatives which is searchable online. Search under the word Advertising for a full listing of our advertising photographs.

It Series VPRS 12800 cataloged under a listing called P3. This sequence of advertising hoardings dates from c1920s to c1939 and consists mostly of black and white glass plate negatives.

Negatives in this sequence depict advertising activities undertaken by the railways. Included are images of advertising hoardings in carriages and at railway facilities such as stations or railway bridges. Images depicting just specific posters are also included.