is da company dat found me here inna flickR...dey bought dese 6 fractal collages....everything inna da rooms will be white...everyting...except my Frac..anna a purple neon glow from under da beds...hee..giggle...whhheee...see..if it can happen to me..it can happen to you too !!!....let's just keep on tryin our best...creatin !!!....YEA!!!
""PsychoActivArtz Studio"
Zone Patcher
Zonal Patcher""

orig. size 72x52

meditation philosophy chakra dimension cosmic divine future ascension transcendence maya calendar change consciousness ascension spirituality Light new old ways livin in balance great mass awakening spiritual love n light quantum change
Harmonic Symmetry Multidimensional sacred geometry Positive vibrations Planetary Awakening quantum resonance Maya Long Count healing light workers
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