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At what point did “Nature” (or some ancient genetic engineer) decide to genetically map the mathematical "fractallian" precision onto the body of such a beautiful specimen as the Zebra? Did it just manifest through evolution, or is there something more extraordinary to the puzzle? Some believe there must be a gestalt secret entwined within the matrix of biological information and processing of programmable DNA that is evident in the symbol of the stripes. Could it be a created messenger from an ancient geneticist's cause for aesthetic communication across the ages? To think of the complexity involved in such a theory, boggles the mind and upsets more than the old bromide of which came first...the "white horse" or the dark stripes. Something strange and different goes on when one delves deeply beyond the implied common science.


Could the knowledge of non-linear dynamics known by an ancient sentient civilization have genetically manufactured animals, including Zebras, if it had in its possession the basics of Fractal Geometry...could we? In the near future, research will produce a gargantuan amount of geologic and genetic data on the environment and the human genome. Couple this new information with the other leading-edge fields of Holography, Nanotechnology, Super Computers, Virtual Reality, Microbiology, and many more, then use the mathematical loom of Fractals to weave theory into reality, and we may find ourselves face-to-face with a checkered Zebra.


Fractua" is Latin for irregular, so Benoit Mandelbrot (an IBM Fellow) coined the name "fractals" (1980) for his new self-similar geometry, which can emulate the visual dictates of the world of chaos and the dimensional reality of natural forms. Fractal Geometry can define reality in a numerical fashion as it exists in the micro and macro realms...thus digitally mapping all being, via quantum manipulation and on-going change factors which are broadcast within the electromagnetic spectrum and throughout eternity.


The fact that some students of knowledge seem to miss when entranced by the symbol of the Mandelbrot Set's "island molecule," is that it looks exactly like a silhouetted sitting Buddha. To accidentally stumble upon such synchronism between a mathematical equation for reality and a philosophical icon for life (Buddha) is indeed awesome for those who seek the arcane wisdom of the gods. If the two were truly related, perhaps more investigation would bridge the gaps between ancient religion and modern science. Both are really looking for the same understanding of truthful existence in this Universe. However, the point remains...there are no schools of thought higher than Truth...though its secret is ever fleeting.


Issac Asimov reinforced the above by stating that the secrets of the Universe are enfolded in fractals and that the enigma of this constancy will remain forever unknown. Other scientists think otherwise and are in a heated race to frame a fractal-future in a new and fascinating understanding that could finally addresses the concepts of infinite creation through a quantum/holographic/fractal marriage.

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Uploaded on July 1, 2009