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Folk followed by 3 or more people on the twitter list @jonhew/interactive-journalism-ma | by psychemedia
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Folk followed by 3 or more people on the twitter list @jonhew/interactive-journalism-ma

This map is generated using Gephi from data collected from Twitter as follows:


- grab the IDs of people on the list @jonhew/interactive-journalism-ma

- for each ID, grab the list of IDs of people they follow on Twitter (ie their Twitter friends)

- draw a directed graph with edges from IDs on the list to people they follow

- find the subset of the graph containing nodes with degree three or more; this essentially means graph the folk who are followed by at least three of the people on the list;

- load the graph into Gephi and lay it out using the forceAtlas2 algorithm, with a bit of expansion

- run the HITS statistic to calculate hub and authority values. Colour the nodes according to Hub value (broadly the extent to which folk follow other people in the graph) and size according to Authority value (broadly, the extent to which they are followed by other people in the graph). Boost the size of folk on the list so we can see them...

- size the labels proportional to node size, and finish off the layout with a bit of label adjust so that the labels don't overlap


Note that this shows only a very particular view over the network. Using the IDs of folk contained in the graph as a whole, we *could* grab the friends lists for all of them and then plot the extent to which they all follow each other. But that's not what this shows - this just shows who is popularly followed (ie followed by 3 or more people on the list), and to what extent, by folk on the list.

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Uploaded on October 19, 2011