Parthenon: reconstruction plan

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    Title: Parthenon
    Other title: Parthenon (Athens, Greece)
    Creator: Iktinos, 5th cent. B.C.
    Creator role: Architect
    Creator 2: Kallikrates
    Creator 2 role: Architect
    Date: 447–438 BCE
    Current location: Acropolis, Athens, Perifereia Protevousis, Greece
    Description of work: The historic illustrations included in this project were originally published during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many originally appeared in publications that predated the widespread use of photography for art documentation. These engravings, line drawings, and plans reflect both the technological and aesthetic standards of their time. By their very nature, they often represent subjective interpretations of the monuments and works depicted, and as such they offer fascinating insights into the cultural values of art and architectural history during the formative years of these disciplines. In the context of these images the terms ""reconstruction"" and ""rendering"" have been used to distinguish between the artists' speculative reconstruction of a ruined work from the artists' perspective drawing or rendition of the design.
    Description of view: ground plan with building areas named
    Work type: Architecture and Landscape
    Manuscripts and Books
    Style of work: Ancient: Aegean: Greek: Classical
    Culture: Ancient Greek
    Measurements: 12.6H X 6.8W cm
    Source: Architecture, Sculpture, and the Industrial Arts Among the Nations of Antiquity / a series of illustrations arranged chronologically, and forming an atlas, to be used in connection with any work on the history of art. Authorized American edition, published under the supervision of S. R. Koehler. Boston: L. Prang and Company, 1879, Series I, plate 1, figure 1. Provided courtesy of Allan Kohl.
    Resource type: Image
    File format: JPEG, TIFF archived offline
    Image size: 994H X 534W pixels
    Permitted uses: This image is posted publicly for all uses as a work in the public domain.
    Collection: Worldwide Building and Landscape Pictures
    Filename: WB2007-0673.jpg
    Record ID: WB2007-0673
    Sub collection: religious buildings: temples

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