238 of 365+1 part 3: For My Dad

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    My dad asked me for a photo with Jerry so he could put it in a frame. Today is also "Let's get confessional" in We're Here!, so here are the 13 things about me.

    1. It took me three weeks to get the spouse to be in this photo. (he hates to have his photo taken).

    2. My lips are chapped in this photo (windburn from the ren faire over the weekend).

    3. The man in this photo is the same guy I dated in high school. (next month is our 26th anniversary).

    4. I've been married to him twice as long disabled as we were married before he was disabled.

    5. One of my fears is that people don't like me. I don't mean online people, I mean people I have actually met in person.

    6. I feel like people think I'm lying when I talk about having fibromyalgia. I only ever feel that way when I speak of it in person. Online, I don't have that feeling.

    7. I miss my mom every single day. Even the smallest reminder of her being gone can make me get teary (its been almost ten months since she died).

    8. I wish my husband could be into the ren faire the way I am so I could have someone to walk around with- I'm not lonely at the faire, I just feel out of place walking my myself. I have a friend who comes every other weekend and I wish he'd hang out with me on the days he's there for that very reason.

    9. I cry during "Terminator 2". Not during the sad scene at the end. During the "hospital escape" scene when the Terminator holds out his hand to Sarah Connor and says: "Come with me if you want to live." (Do you know why? Please tell me someone knows why!)

    10. I hate it when someone else takes my photo.

    11. I rarely feel as strong as people tell me they think I am.

    12. Till last week, I didn't have any of my own art hanging in my house (there are now three framed 8x12s and four 5x7s).

    13. I had to stop typing multiple times while I was writing all this out because I'm eating dinner.

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    1. ~ cynthiak ~ 73 months ago | reply

      Oh, Patti...I love this picture of the two of you!! That's so sweet that your dad asked for a picture! I love that! And I am so sorry about your mom. My dad has been gone 30 years and often it seems like yesterday. Is Ren Faire still going on? I thought Labor Day was the last weekend. I would have loved to have gone up to meet you at it!

    2. Pahz 73 months ago | reply

      Bristol is over, it did end on Labor Day. But there was a small, two-day faire in Oregon, Illinois this weekend. Stronghold Olde English Faire. A lot of the Bristol cast go to that one (as their same characters). I got loads of great photos too, I'm just finishing up Sunday's photos and I'll get them uploaded here (most of everything is already on Facebook).

      Next weekend, I'm going to a faire in New Glarus- A Gathering of Rogues and Ruffians (Facebook), apparently, they've been going on five years now. I only found out about that faire last year, but didn't go. Their website.

      Quite honestly, the only reason I'm going this year is because three of my favorites from Bristol are going- Captain Sir John Hawkyns, Captain Sir Martin Frobisher, and the woman who plays Chastity Trollop is going as Grace O'Malley.

      There will be other Bristol people there, I'm sure (I'm fairly certain that Odorferious Thunderbottom goes to that one). But when the three I mentioned created an event on Facebook, that was what pushed me over from "maybe I'll go" to "That's it, I'm going".

    3. JoyElaineHiggs 73 months ago | reply

      I love this photo of you two! Sometimes patience wins out over uncooperative attitudes when you try to take photos.

      So much of what you write seems to be part of my life too. My father has been dead over 10 years and every day still hurts and it doesn't take much to make me cry over his death even to this day.

      I understand your feelings about fibro. All this time I thought my pains were only RA related and my new RA doctor informed me I have had fibro too. The pain is not fun to deal with and I get tired when people think there is no pain just because they can't see it.

      I get told what a strong woman I am all the time, and I get it when you say you that you don't always feels so strong.

      Congratulations on still being with your HS sweetheart. I married mine and had 3 beautiful daughters with him and a lie someone started festered into eventually destroying the marriage. However, I hold him partly responsible because he was suppose to defend his wife first and not other liars.

      I have been friends with you for many years online, at least I have considered you a friend on my end. I think you are one of the most talented people I know. I have watched your kids grow into young adults - you have done such a wonderful job under circumstances that have not always been easy.

      I love sharing the bits and pieces of your life that you share with us online - it makes me not feel so alone in the things I grow through in life. I'm often told how much I have helped friends over the years. I had no idea they felt that way. I have a feeling the same can be said about you, I bet you have helped so many more of your friends than you realize. Thank you for sharing with us. There are many out here that love you. <3

    4. JoyElaineHiggs 73 months ago | reply

      Well phooey, that last paragraph I made a typo. Numb hands and lap tops don't go well together. "it makes me not feel so alone in th things I grow through in life." should have been "go through in life" - foggy 50 year old brains don't always work well either. lol

    5. MJ Citronella 73 months ago | reply

      I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I miss my mom every single day and she's been gone for 19 years.

      You guys don't look old enough to have been married that long.
      I also worry about people not liking me. Ugh.

    6. Pahz 73 months ago | reply

      We got married young. He was almost 20 and I had just turned 17. And to answer the most oft-asked question: no, I was not pregnant. I was a senior in high school and we were living in Alaska. We were going to get married anyway, after I graduated, but his dad- who was still active duty in the Army (my dad was retired from the Army)- got his transfer orders to South Carolina. So we got married about a year earlier than we planned so his parents could be at the wedding.

      The first child didn't come along till almost three years later. ;-)

    7. Joyce Latham 73 months ago | reply

      thats a very nice photograph of the two of you. Well done. Im sure your Father will like it a lot. Its been fun getting to know you a little better.....thanks to todays theme.

    8. icyvicy 73 months ago | reply

      LOVE every line AND the photo !!
      I have always been afraid that people don't like me either... funny how common that seems to be...
      You are a lovely person & knowing you has most definitely enriched my life - so thank you :)

    9. towp59. Smile !!!!! 73 months ago | reply

      Well done...glad you got him in the photo...quite the Handsome fella he is..
      and thank you for sharing the way you have...

    10. abaft shape [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

      Lovely picture of the both of you!
      I've though I only know you online, just reading about what you and your husband went through all this years, it's so nice to see you stuck by each other's side and always got through it!

      Girls Theme Week is Fall/Autumn this week-I had computer problems over the week and never got to mail each of you ladies to say the new theme was up!

    11. cblorenaturefotos 73 months ago | reply

      This is a great picture!

      I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I'd like to tell you it get's easier but I really don't think it does...you just get used to feeling like a part of you is missing.

      Thanks for sharing. I love reading these confessionals...in my head i keep saying 'me too!'

    12. TheAmazingShrinkingMan 73 months ago | reply

      Lovely photo and list. Thanks for playing on my day.

    13. urmine3 72 months ago | reply

      I wouldn't mind looking at some of the things that you want answers to.I can only help explore,what you find and where you go well,that's up to you.A few things you said in your confession I can very much relate to.and by the way as weird as this may sound I hope you have started your own journey through grief,if not you have permission to thank you for your heart and being so honest after all sharing with a stranger what am I going to do run away

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