The URI Is The Thing

A followup to The Web Is Agreement, another poster put together on behalf of Osmosoft ahead of FOWA to promote discussion on the value of The Web and openness for systems integration. Buy into "vendor led" rather than "open", and you'll end up in "Middleware Hell"! It's available as a clean, high-resolution PDF for print. [Digg] [Reddit].

  • Phil Hawksworth 7y

    Awesome! Another corker!
    Looking forward to a load of notes on the image.

    BPELZEBUB is genius.
  • Nick Webb 7y

    The grand unveiling!
    Unveiling of The URI Is The Thing
  • Milan Magudia 7y

    Love it ... jumping over the hedge of complexity right now!
  • Gordon Joly 7y

    The URI is all....
  • Dan Diephouse 7y

    Awesome! You need to sell posters - we need these in our office!
  • Ben O'Steen 7y

    Wow... and I thought your web is agreement poster was awesome. This is fantastic :)
  • Jim Pick 7y

    This is incredibly awesome. :-)
  • nigelpepper 7y

    Fantastic Integration Nirvana. Love it, but are we heading there?!
  • Paul Downey 7y

    Well it's up to all of us to ensure we reach Integration Nirvana. Kumbaya, Kumbaya!
  • Fabio Mancinelli 7y

    I printed it in A3 and hung it on the wall. AWESOME.
    "The shore of powerpoint programmers" has made me laugh 30 mins!
  • Amy van der Hiel 7y

    excellent, psd! I also printed it and hung it up here in our offices right by "The Web is Agreement"
  • Phil Hawksworth 7y

    I'd love to see photos of these posters in people's offices. I've heard of many people having them on the wall.
  • Paul Downey 7y

    Yeah, we want photos! If people tag them TUITT that would be cool!
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