• VPN dongle thingy, which I *hate*
  • charging my phone, a motorolla v3i which I *suffer*
  • moo semacode sticker, which I *love*
  • REST has a posse identifies my charger
  • Airport Express because wired lans are for l4m3rz
  • stupid mini USB cable (which I *dislike*) to my Leica (which I *love*)
  • clearleft, Web design supergroup
  • Microformats which I *love*,*love*,*love*
  • flickr who I adore
  • Technorati, love the people
  • £20 per day for lan, which times out every 10 minutes which I *loathe*
  • Jabber, yay!
  • BarCamp, Double Yay!
  • RDF - Hmmm ..
  • moo, yay! Their stickers suck, though
  • I Open Source
  • d.construct, they rule!
  • more flickr schwag
  • Borders, whatever!
  • Posse is growing, etc, etc
  • yeah, it's an Apple. I'm a bad person. Sorry!
  • Python, *love* ya!
  • I love O'Reilly, got to get me to a foo camp, right?
  • AOL chmod 0777, they're cool, no?
  • Scotland, cos I keep going there.
  • Banff!
  • I have the exact same sticker on my snowboard! - Sif Ellis
  • Phoebe made this

The unbearable wiredness of being

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  1. mariamaria 80 months ago | reply

    where did you get the microformats sticker?

  2. psd 79 months ago | reply

    Tantek gave me the sticker ..

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