A Little Princess 2010
A delightful adaptation of the famous classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the author of ”The Secret Garden”.

A popular, non-musical version was filmed, in which Shirley Temple starred.

This engaging musical opens with Sara Crewe, heiress to a large fortune, being enrolled at Miss Minchin’s seminary in Victorian England. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she receives news of the loss of her father…and her fortune. Sara is forced by the greedy Minchin to become a servant,scrubbing cobblestones and washing cooking kettles. She must live in a wretched attic room that seems no better than a prison cell. When a mysterious gentleman from India takes the house next door,some strange and curious things begin to happen.

The enchanting story is filled with fascinating characters,both good and bad: greedy Miss Minchin and her timid sister, Amelia; Becky, the kitchen slavey; snooty and jealous Lavinia; and Ermengarde, who hates to read and can’t spell. There’s even a servant named Ram Dass, whose monkey is always up to mischief.

You’ll never forget Sara’s birthday scene, nor the odd tea party she conducts in the cold attic.

This show is filled with comedy, drama and, most of all, charm. When things turn out splendidly for clever Sara, it’s no wonder she feels just like “a little princess”.

A touching and beautiful score adds a magical touch to this enchanting show: “The Best Gift of All”, “A Proper English Girl”, “A Sunny Day in London”, and of course the title song, “A Little Princess”.

Photos by Beverly Ziviski
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