Ci-Ci & PB

There's a story to tell, it's all about Cici and another 4 cats.

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  • StungByRabbit 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called cute and cuddly!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • GSCuriousEye 7y

    very cute!
  • zombiesatemyneighbors 7y

    Super cute!
  • MacBenz 7y

    Absolut super
    Dafür gibts mein persönlichen Apple Award:-)

    Apple Table-Big Apple
  • shutter//bug 7y

    this is too cute for words!!
  • Photographer in Batumi - 7y

    Very cute!!!
  • Luciana Fortunato Ribeiro 7y

    very beautiful.. !!!
  • nicki summerson 7y

    Wonderful shot!

    I have a big black cat that sits on mine :(
  • pennylane3434 7y

    Absolutely adorable.
  • a.khongpak 7y

    Nice shot. And very cute cat...
  • Jessie Anne 7y

    (: my kitten hugh heffner LOVES sleeping on my keypad
    especially when im using the computer.
  • VisualValor 7y

  • moggierocket PRO 6y

    Do you know that it seems there has been a postcard made of this photo? I found it on postcard groups a few I think it is for real. It has a Dutch line on it that says: "Where's my mouse?"
    Computer Kitty Postcard by crayolamom
  • moggierocket PRO 6y

    This is the website, they offer 'free cards' for some administrative costs.
    If you scroll to the right you find your photo on a card. Doesn't seem totally Koosjer unless you gave premission, that is...
  • Jeremy_K 6y

    Thank you Ineke,
    It's not the first time this photo has been used without my premission,
    they are pirates, how can I stop them from steeling?
  • moggierocket PRO 6y

    You can't....unless you put the awful watermarks all over your photos.
    I have had my photos stolen occassion a few months ago, I put a lawyer onto it and I had a nice compensation. But it was coincidental that i found out about it.
  • Jeremy_K 5y

    The last photo
    The last photo of Cici

    It was the last photo of Cici, taken in 26 Dec, 2009.
    One month later, Cici's life was ended. (May 2005 ~ Jan 2010)

    I have to say, the last 2 month of Cici's life was painful, he couldn't poo by himself, so we had to do enema. I hope he would be ok, but I didn't realize that's the beginning of nightmare.

    Cici had history in Feline gingivostomatitis for 2 years, and we controlled it well, but it's getting worse in his last month. Cici couldn't eat and drink because of the pain, it never happened before.

    Everyday I hoped Cici can get better, he's in very bad condition, I could feel his pain.
    My heart is broken when I looked in to his eyes.

    The vet said the way to survive were to cut a part of his large intestine,
    and pull out some of his teeth.

    I don't understand why Cici must stand so much pain to survive, and I have to watch him suffered everyday.

    I raised Cici by feeding bottles since he was 2 weeks old, I love him with all my heart.
    Watching all the pains on Cici's body, I'd rather die.
    SO I decided let Cici go.

    The last moment I told Cici "You won't feel pain anymore, I love you since the first time I saw you, and I love you forever. There's no pain anymore..."
    Cici died in my arms peacefully.

    It took me awhile to accept Cici's death.
    I wish every morning I open my eyes to see Cici's face, and he's next to me.
    No one can bring him back, no one. I know.
    The world an be so unfair and so cruel. I know.
    And yes, I will be stronger.

    Cici, I wish you many many tuna cans, chicken cans, and all you can eat.
    I miss you everyday.
  • Jyoti Prakash Bhattacharjee PRO 5y

    That must be sad and frustrating for you to see your kitty dieing :o(
    I too have experience of seeing my cat die. Thanks for sharing the stories. Very touching very emotional !
  • Paul Stintzi 5y

    Sucks to lose a pet, especially when they're so dear to you. RIP Cici. :')
  • Joy 蝴蝶 4y

    SOOO CUTE!!!!
    My cats looooove to lie on my laptop too! LOL

    FCATS - Post 1 & Award 2
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