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There's a story to tell, it's all about Cici and another 4 cats.
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  1. StungByRabbit 82 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called cute and cuddly!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  2. MacBenz [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

    Absolut super
    Dafür gibts mein persönlichen Apple Award:-)

    Apple Table-Big Apple

  3. shutter//bug 80 months ago | reply

    this is too cute for words!!

  4. Luciana FortunatO 80 months ago | reply

    very beautiful.. !!!

  5. nicki_bennie 80 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot!

    I have a big black cat that sits on mine :(

  6. pennylane3434 79 months ago | reply

    Absolutely adorable.

  7. a.khongpak 77 months ago | reply

    Nice shot. And very cute cat...

  8. Jessie Anne 77 months ago | reply

    (: my kitten hugh heffner LOVES sleeping on my keypad
    especially when im using the computer.

  9. moggierocket 64 months ago | reply

    Do you know that it seems there has been a postcard made of this photo? I found it on postcard groups a few I think it is for real. It has a Dutch line on it that says: "Where's my mouse?"

  10. moggierocket 64 months ago | reply

    This is the website, they offer 'free cards' for some administrative costs.
    If you scroll to the right you find your photo on a card. Doesn't seem totally Koosjer unless you gave premission, that is...

  11. Jeremy_K 64 months ago | reply

    Thank you Ineke,
    It's not the first time this photo has been used without my premission,
    they are pirates, how can I stop them from steeling?

  12. moggierocket 64 months ago | reply

    You can't....unless you put the awful watermarks all over your photos.
    I have had my photos stolen occassion a few months ago, I put a lawyer onto it and I had a nice compensation. But it was coincidental that i found out about it.

  13. Jeremy_K 60 months ago | reply

    The last photo
    The last photo of Cici

    It was the last photo of Cici, taken in 26 Dec, 2009.
    One month later, Cici's life was ended. (May 2005 ~ Jan 2010)

    I have to say, the last 2 month of Cici's life was painful, he couldn't poo by himself, so we had to do enema. I hope he would be ok, but I didn't realize that's the beginning of nightmare.

    Cici had history in Feline gingivostomatitis for 2 years, and we controlled it well, but it's getting worse in his last month. Cici couldn't eat and drink because of the pain, it never happened before.

    Everyday I hoped Cici can get better, he's in very bad condition, I could feel his pain.
    My heart is broken when I looked in to his eyes.

    The vet said the way to survive were to cut a part of his large intestine,
    and pull out some of his teeth.

    I don't understand why Cici must stand so much pain to survive, and I have to watch him suffered everyday.

    I raised Cici by feeding bottles since he was 2 weeks old, I love him with all my heart.
    Watching all the pains on Cici's body, I'd rather die.
    SO I decided let Cici go.

    The last moment I told Cici "You won't feel pain anymore, I love you since the first time I saw you, and I love you forever. There's no pain anymore..."
    Cici died in my arms peacefully.

    It took me awhile to accept Cici's death.
    I wish every morning I open my eyes to see Cici's face, and he's next to me.
    No one can bring him back, no one. I know.
    The world an be so unfair and so cruel. I know.
    And yes, I will be stronger.

    Cici, I wish you many many tuna cans, chicken cans, and all you can eat.
    I miss you everyday.

  14. jyoti pb 60 months ago | reply

    That must be sad and frustrating for you to see your kitty dieing :o(
    I too have experience of seeing my cat die. Thanks for sharing the stories. Very touching very emotional !

  15. captaincow 60 months ago | reply

    Sucks to lose a pet, especially when they're so dear to you. RIP Cici. :')

  16. Joy 蝴蝶 47 months ago | reply

    SOOO CUTE!!!!
    My cats looooove to lie on my laptop too! LOL

    FCATS - Post 1 & Award 2

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