• Love this. - eldeeem
  • Does it already have suspension or would these fit better? - Marin Stipkovic
  • I tried those, but it's just too heavy for them.The front end is unsprung.
  • what about the grey ones? It wouldn't be the propper color, but they seem soft in my hand. Much softer than the yellow ones (haven't tried my hand on any red ones yet) - OrigamiFanPete

RC from Toy Story

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I would have had this done sooner, but I was waiting on a Bricklink order for those blasted lime panels. The stickers are custom and the wheels are painted of course. You'd think there would be better selection of large red wheels, but they don't show up in many sets at all. Oh yeah, and it's built on the old Lego rc chassis that came in a few sets. It's super quick. There will be video.

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  1. vmln8r 41 months ago | reply

    Awesome! I look forward to the video.

  2. 4estFeller 41 months ago | reply

    Nice, cant wait for the video!

  3. kreezzalee 41 months ago | reply

    Hole cow you're right! I at least expected 2 pages!

    Great job though Nathan!

  4. Proudlove 41 months ago | reply

    Adam, not one of those would work for this. I did say 'large' red wheels right? (scrolls up) It's weird, I really thought there would have been some kind of large Technic vehicle in the last 20 years that came with red wheels, but nuthin;, zilch, nada. Oh, and what's a hole cow? Snerk!

  5. {№t Applicable} [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

    That's awesome.

  6. />ylan/>. 41 months ago | reply

    Aw nice! One of those old RC chassis that are actually worthwhile and can move their own weight! The new ones are useful, but definitely not as good.

  7. dover ☄ 41 months ago | reply

    I was waiting for this one to get some decent pictures!

  8. Lino M 41 months ago | reply

    Well executed! With the technic parts it must be lightweight and super fun. I was so glad to see that Francesco comes with red rims for the large tires but I think they are the wrong size for what you're doing.

    Red rims and classic hot rods though...can't go wrong with that.

  9. ZetoVince 41 months ago | reply

    Amazing work! i can't wait for the video!

  10. Fazoom 41 months ago | reply

    Awesome... but tell me.... WHAT HAPPENS TO THE REMOTE IN TOY STORY 1???

  11. whateverly 41 months ago | reply

    I expected awesome and here it is served up on a platter with fine table linens and silverware. Well played.

  12. Barman76 41 months ago | reply

    It's so cute.
    Great idea and very well made. Excellent work.

  13. curtydc 41 months ago | reply


  14. whateverly 5 weeks ago | reply

    Nothing is quite what it seems.

  15. Proudlove 5 weeks ago | reply

    heh, it's the most relevant spam I've ever received.

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