Athens Biennale, tv-off workshop + art bank
Orizontas Gegonoton & Art Bank present:

Orizontas Gegonoton [Event Horizon]

December 2-3, 10:00-21:00
Diplareios School Ground Floor

The contradiction has lately spiralled out of control. We - demoted to being viewers of the televised image, or often playing the role of protagonists within it, free tv ratings sponsors as indignant citizens - we unwittingly sustain the vicious circle of a self-fulfilled prophecy: "We are in a crisis as a result of a deterministic command" - "We are collectively guilty and we must be punished". The served spectacle of the crisis contains a fundamental discontinuity: it insults all independent will, it destroys the antibodies of thought.

Orizontas Gegonoton called for an all-day action of "popular" work-therapy, including a series of attempts to "liberate" television appliances from their toxic role. Video artworks presented contributing to the ritual of the action that will be recorded throughout. The end-result was a large-scale installation of artworks, constituting a collective statement.

Live music by FIZZ4 (19:00-21:00)

December 2-3, 16:00-21:00
Diplareios School Ground Floor

Currency and exchange value are historically linked to economic phenomena, people’s psychology, state power and art. The production of currency by active artists brings the artwork closer to the public, outside of conventional exhibition spaces.

The artists of Art Bank, having worked feverishly for two years under adverse conditions (weather, financial, emotional ones and others), managed to produce currency/art works, presented and exchanged within the 3rd Athens Biennale. At the same time, there was a call for artists, businesses, professionals and individuals to participate in the exchange network of Art Bank.

During the operation of the bank in MONODROME, there was a screening of the video: "Art Bank: Art against the brutality/opposite of power", by Theofanis Konstantinou

Participants: Anastasia Kapiniari, Aphrodite Goula - Jewellery Art Worker, Aphrodite Karamanli, Yiannis Antonopoulos, Despina Pantazi, Diamantis Staggidis, Dyonisia Michali, Eleni Polychronatou, Ellie Chousou, Kimon Aksaopoulos, COSMOCHAOS-Jewellery Art Worker, Litsa Mousouli, Maria Apostolopoulou, Maria Doukaki, Maria Liakou, Marios Paschalis, Betty Tsigarida, Fotini Aleksopoulou

Conversation: …"1 art cash >= 22 eggs >= 10 euro"... Can we co-formulate new correspondences of currency and exchanges, in order to cover our needs? Offer and demand via support networks.

December 3, 19:00-21:00
Diplareios School Auditorium

Participants: Members of Art Bank and Orizontas Gegonoton, Giorgos Papadopoulos - economist and artist, creator of the Drachma Project, Dimitris Tsakilidis - sociologist, Aleksandros Noussias - lawyer, Nikos Bogonikolas - mathematician and founder of the "Social Currency Ovolos" and others
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