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UN M113 APC and AIFV

The M113 has always been one of my favourite APC's..pretty much one of the most widly used around the world even now..On the right we have the standard M113 with new BA M2..on the left theres the upgraded M113 AIFV "Gavin" ..we can all see where they were going with this design..lots more armor..addition of a turret with Cannon..firing ports even! There are a few varients even within the AIFV type but i prefer this a few more UN projects on the way! ..and yes you called it jeff bud..the tops are interchangeable and fits 6 crew inside with separate storage for weapons and gear..some call the Gavin a YBR in Holland(Thanks Ralphy)..or ACF in turkey..other countries have symbols i don t even know what they mean..its used that much around the world.

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Taken on November 8, 2013