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Earthbeats is currently connected to We are the Planet!, a project conceived and developed by Solstizio in collaboration with ProgettoMondo MLAL, co-funded by the European Commission and promoted by the provincial government of Teramo. The project involves the partnership of the Province of Avila (Spain), the Municipality of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and the Municipality of Strovolos (Cyprus). Associated partners are the Regional Development Agency Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and the association Actions et Développement operating in Burkina Faso and Benin.

Earthbeats originates from an idea of Emidio Sciannella and from his experience in Solstizio, and takes the shape of a project thanks to the contributions and thought of Julia Kent, who shares its developments and consequences. Earthbeats is the union of the words beat and earth. Earth as consistence, going through, place of narrations. Beat as what exists, soften by bones, muscles and skin, from birth to death.
The project is founded on the creation and collection of spontaneous sounds by the children taking part in projects and workshops on specific issues (wars, emigration, water problems, environmental issues). The sounds will be later re-elaborated by musicians and transformed into original assemblages which will be introduced into the pop or underground distribution chains. Any derived revenue will be assigned to support the social projects developed by Solstizio and ProgettoMondo MLAL in different parts of the world.

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