everybody wants a Mac

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  • Sophie Saller 10y

    cool idea!

    -voted as "saveme4" (from the Delete me! group)
  • ralph PRO 10y

    I can deal with a little tilt. But I don't see a strong composition or at least a correlation between the main subjects. The little man is supposed to balance the apple? I have difficulties bringing both together, and I also think that you haven't done enough to create something new - the apple is nice but not yours.

    -voted as "deleteme6" (from Deleteme! group)
  • Mark 10y

    well, the verticals are very slightly tilted, but the horizontals are straight (maybe off by literally 1 degree). that's due to the angle, but I assume the composition of the post would be compromised if you were more concerened with the lines. As such, I'll let it go. I think this is a fun, simple shot. Iconic photos are the kind of stuff that do well in this group. Stuff like Sophie's current addition to the pool as well.

    -voted as "save5" (from the deleteme group)
  • B, K & G PRO 10y

    I second soh, I don't want one and hate being lumped in with everyone.

    -voted as "deleteme7" (from Deleteme! group)
  • Gespür für Licht PRO 10y

    nobody wants slow expensive computers and what has the title to do with this crappy shot?

    Happy New Year thoug!

    -voted as "deleteme8" (from the Delete me! group)
  • Alexandre Aybes PRO 10y

    I have some, just ordered a new one, but I'm still not liking this photo. ;)
    I don't like the glow around the little figure, and yes, it's a slightly tilted.

    -voted as "deleteme9" (from Deleteme! group)
  • Carolyn PRO 10y

    I don't want one

    not even interesting enough to be a mac ad

  • Procsilas Moscas 10y

    thank you everybody for your comments!!!
  • Alvaro Herreras PRO 9y

    Pero que buena!
  • Procsilas Moscas 9y

  • torbakhopper PRO 9y

    if you'd like to drop this one by at camera haiku please feel like a red carpet has been rolled out for this shot!!!!
  • Procsilas Moscas 9y


    thx a lot :-)
  • torbakhopper PRO 9y

    thank you!!!
  • Saúl Granda PRO 9y

  • Procsilas Moscas 9y

    gracias, Saúl
  • Procsilas Moscas 9y

  • jovivebo 9y

    I actually want a second one ! Thank you for posting in the 30 faves, 30 comments and 300 views group. As a additional rule to the 30-30-300 criteria we request people who post to this group to also invite their contacts to the group so that the group keeps on growing. If you also want to help out as an administrator please give us a sign.
  • Procsilas Moscas 9y

    ok, i'll do so!!!
  • lilienalien 5y

    genial :)
  • Evi_1 5y

    surely kicks ass
     by Evi_1
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